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2014 Melbourne Color Run


Again, I signed up to The Color Run all on my lonesome hoping I would find someone to go with when the event rolled around. This time they only allowed pack pick up on the three days before the event & not on the actual day. After I found out that I was hoping extra hard to find someone that could pick up my packet & I would offer to drive them on the day. Lucky for me a colleague from work signed up about 5 days before. I’m glad I managed to convince her, after all 5 kilometres is [...]

2014 Melbourne Color Run2018-04-14T14:56:32+10:00

Maxine’s Challenge: Week 12


Maxine's Challenge week 12 is now complete. I'm pleased to say that I stuck with it as best I could. Twleve weeks is a long time. To some the challenge would be a real lifestyle change too. My actual weight isn't much different, although there has been a drop of about 2% in my body fat. I think this is mostly due to getting lazy. I also think my starting size played into it a little bit. I'm probably considered average so it's not like I needed to lose any weight at all, just tone up & shape my muscles. [...]

Maxine’s Challenge: Week 122023-12-22T13:57:48+11:00

Maxine’s Challenge: Week 11


It's no surprise that Maxine's Challenge week 11 post is shorter than the last. I'm having a lot of trouble sticking to the program, it's mostly the training that I struggle with. My motivation has completely gone out the window. I think it was last week that I said I just wanted to be good at running without putting in any of the legwork to get there. I feel the same about pretty much everything; running, work, eating right etc. I'm sure someday soon my motivation will find it's way back to me. RELATED: Maxine’s Challenge The Bloody Long Walk [...]

Maxine’s Challenge: Week 112023-12-22T13:34:06+11:00

Maxine’s Challenge: Week 10


During Maxine's Challenge week 10, I somehow managed to jump back on the workout motivation band-wagon. I've wanted to get back into running again but that first run after a break is always the hardest. I'm suffering such a lack of motivation for that right now. I just want to be better at it already!! I have been doing some Fitness Blender videos again because I figure if my overall fitness/lung capacity is better, I will find it easier while I'm running. I've also signed up for Blogilates because there is a calendar that lists a workout circuit per day. [...]

Maxine’s Challenge: Week 102023-12-22T13:36:07+11:00

Maxine’s Challenge: Week 9


My nutrition has been out of whack for most of Maxine's Challenge week 9 as well as week 8. Most of this week I ate a tin of tuna & crackers for lunch or a tin of tuna & a cuppa soup. Not the best options but I made do with what I had. I was planning on being more organised but that just didn't happen. RELATED: Maxine’s Challenge Grand Final day was a bit harder to manage in terms of temptations. It should have been easier as it was at my house! I probably should have filled my drinking [...]

Maxine’s Challenge: Week 92023-12-22T13:37:36+11:00

Maxine’s Challenge: Week 8


Maxine's Challenge Week 8 saw me partake in a few events. On Friday I got the new Apple iPhone 6 without having to wait in line. It was ordered online, it was delivered, up & running by about 11 am. I was excited since this is the first time I have had a brand new phone when it was released. I had the day off because I was going to a wedding in the afternoon. The wedding was in Kallista. It was a nice night & not too late considering we stayed until the very end. RELATED: Maxine’s Challenge Saturday [...]

Maxine’s Challenge: Week 82023-12-22T13:38:55+11:00

Maxine’s Challenge: Week 7


I think Maxine's Challenge week 7 was a success! I’m feeling great & finding it much much easier to make better food choices. This week I actually measured the right amount of Greek yoghurt (I usually buy it by the litre) and the right amount of protein. OH MY GOODNESS, why did I not start measuring it earlier? It tastes sweet and has the texture of pudding. I have had it for breakfast and I have also had it for dessert. I’m thinking about serving it as a fruit dip on Grand Final day. I think it would also great on top of pancakes. RELATED: Maxine’s [...]

Maxine’s Challenge: Week 72023-12-22T13:39:50+11:00

Maxine’s Challenge: Week 6


Maxine's Challenge week 6 has been all about motivation. If only I could feel as motivated before working out as I do afterwards! I’d even settle for feeling half as motivated. The weather has been absolutely perfect in Melbourne this weekend. I was meant to go for a run yesterday but I got too distracted by housework, what an existence! I did 4 loads of washing, 6 in total over the 2 day weekend, shopping for cards & presents for all the events coming up, a spot of gardening & then out for my best friend’s engagement party. After eyeing off [...]

Maxine’s Challenge: Week 62023-12-22T13:40:57+11:00

Maxine’s Challenge: Week 5


Maxine's Challenge week 5 has disappeared without a hitch and since not much happened this entry will most likely be short. My nutrition has been pretty spot on this week, better than it has ever been, to be honest! I’m finding that I’m having the protein oats for breakfast every morning. It’s so much easier than having to worry about cooking eggs or organising the greek yoghurt. About once a week, I pre-measure the oats with the protein powder into containers, it makes it so much easier for me in the morning. There is also much less mess & clean [...]

Maxine’s Challenge: Week 52023-12-22T13:41:52+11:00

Maxine’s Challenge: Week 4


During Maxine's Challenge week 4, I've had quite a lack of support. I think I've still been eating ok but I haven't written things down like I normally do. sadly, I also didn't work out as much as I needed to. I looked up a couch to 5k training app and found one that I'm happy with. The first one I tried only went up to Week 2 Day 1 before you had to pay for te upgrade to keep training. So I've used the Zen Labs app once now. I felt great afterwards but am quite sore today. But [...]

Maxine’s Challenge: Week 42023-12-22T13:43:03+11:00

Maxine’s Challenge: Week 3


Maxine's Challenge week 3 has just finished & I'm actually feeling a bit bored. I think it's a lack of variety. I'm really looking forward to the nutrition & training plans for weeks 5-8, here's hoping they do actually change. Unfortunately, I think it will just become more restrictive & amp up the workouts. My thighs seem to be a little bit more toned with a lot less cellulite but that seems to be the only change I have seen thus far, apart from the break out that is still lingering on my face. My water intake is up a [...]

Maxine’s Challenge: Week 32023-12-22T13:49:31+11:00

Maxine’s Challenge: Week 2


Maxine's Challenge week 2 is now over & I still don't think I look any different. I haven't jumped on the scales but I doubt they will have changed. I also haven't been sore from working out which makes me think I have been slacking off in that department. I've still been working out every day according to the plan, but maybe not giving it the full 100%. I have managed to drink more water each day, which I'm proud of. I had a pretty bad break out on my face this week too. Hopefully, that's from the lack of [...]

Maxine’s Challenge: Week 22023-12-22T13:50:57+11:00

Maxine’s Challenge: Week 1


So this is it, Maxine's Challenge week 1. Last year I looked at doing the Maxine’s Shape-Up Challenge (now called M Challenge) after I heard about it on Max’s Muscle TV. Unfortunately, I left it too late to register. But I remembered this year and managed to fulfil the requirements in time. The challenge looks at both nutrition and exercise for results. The female challenge, "Tone & Shape" is focused on weight loss and the male challenge focuses on getting strong but both nutrition and exercise plans are available depending on your goals.The first week has just ended and what a [...]

Maxine’s Challenge: Week 12023-12-22T13:53:53+11:00

Harley the Pom meets a Friend


Harley the Pom meets a friend so that when he is older he will be able to interact with other dogs appropriately. Unfortunately, he was too old to go to puppy school. But luckily for us, we know a few people with dogs. There are also a few obedience dog clubs that we can attend if need be. I love the idea of teaching Harley some basic obedience and maybe a trick or two. But perhaps we should start with housebreaking. Harley's personality has developed so much in the month that we have had him. I only had pet fish [...]

Harley the Pom meets a Friend2019-03-29T21:33:52+11:00
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