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During Maxine’s Challenge week 4, I’ve had quite a lack of support. I think I’ve still been eating ok but I haven’t written things down like I normally do. sadly, I also didn’t work out as much as I needed to.
Maxine's Challenge Week 4
I looked up a couch to 5k training app and found one that I’m happy with. The first one I tried only went up to Week 2 Day 1 before you had to pay for the upgrade to keep training. So I’ve used the Zen Labs app once now. I felt great afterwards but am quite sore today. But after doing boot camp last year, I learned a great recovery trick: wear your compression pants to bed or the next day. They help surprisingly well with DOMS.

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Water intake has been great, it seems to help that the weather is getting warmer. I’ve been having a protein shake after work too. I’m surprised at how well they can curb those hunger pains!!
I am so sick of eggs though!! I’ve never been much of an egg person but I seem to be having them several times a week now.
I went to the MYOB Partner Connect day on Friday. While I did my best to make wise food choices, I know they weren’t the best. The plus side was that when I got home I wasn’t very hungry so I had a protein shake for dinner.
I tried to mix it up a bit for breakfast and made oats with fresh apple & cinnamon. It was one of the blandest tasting things I have ever eaten!

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I made up a new recipe for protein pancakes by adding protein powder & sliced fruit. It was so yum, I ate them all! They seemed popular online too as I posted a photo of it on Facebook and was instantly asked for the recipe.
I’m a bit disappointed that the nutrition plan doesn’t seem to have changed at all (correct me if I’m wrong!). I’m also sad to see quite a change in the training as I have no equipment at home at all. I have no idea how I am going to find substitutions.
All in all, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by the food, exercise and lack of variety. I’m sure that once this is over (or I quit, there is a chance of that) I will go back to eating as I did before & barely working out. I’m not even sure I will see a change in my body by the end. I certainly doubt I will lose any weight because of what my build & size is already.

prepared protein oats

morning tea at MYOB Partner Connect 

lunch at MYOB Partner Connect

Protein Pancakes

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