Maxine's Challenge Week 7
I think Maxine’s Challenge week 7 was a success! I’m feeling great & finding it much much easier to make better food choices.

This week I actually measured the right amount of Greek yoghurt (I usually buy it by the litre) and the right amount of protein. OH MY GOODNESS, why did I not start measuring it earlier? It tastes sweet and has the texture of pudding. I have had it for breakfast and I have also had it for dessert. I’m thinking about serving it as a fruit dip on Grand Final day. I think it would also great on top of pancakes.

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This week for exercise I have been doing a Blogilates ladder work out each day. It’s only a short YouTube video (around 8 minutes) but I’ve found it to be useful, as well as challenging & it also gets the heart pumping.

I also had another training session for The Bloody Long Walk on Saturday. This time it was 15km. I have a few blisters on my feet & was quite sore that night but other than that I am surprised with how I feel now. I’m really getting excited about it!

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I’ve also signed up for the Color Run in Melbourne on November 16. I signed up by myself but am hoping to find a friend to go with on the day. This will be my third colour run and I’m excited that I might be able to run/jog the whole way!

I won the footy tipping competition at work & they gave me my trophy early. Turns out that I was that far ahead that I had to lose every game from the start of the finals and the person in second place had to tip every game correctly to beat me!

protein pancakes before mixing

post 15km walk lunch

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