Again, I signed up to The Color Run all on my lonesome hoping I would find someone to go with when the event rolled around. This time they only allowed pack pick up on the three days before the event & not on the actual day. After I found out that I was hoping extra hard to find someone that could pick up my packet & I would offer to drive them on the day. Lucky for me a colleague from work signed up about 5 days before. I’m glad I managed to convince her, after all 5 kilometres is nothing to the 35 we walked the weekend before!

Like the first Color Run I attended, this one was also held at Flemington Racecourse. Just 3 weeks after the horse race the stops the nation, the Melbourne Cup. We got there nice & early, about an hour and a half early. That gave us plenty of time to psyche ourselves up for the cold weather outside of the car, have a look around & make our way to the start chute. We got lucky & ended up pretty close to the front, we were in the third wave.

The first colour was orange & after that we are heading up a steep but short incline.

The next stage was blue. It was surprising to see that we would be doused with blue tinted water. But I went for it & ran through it close to the edges to get the most colour. It would have been more refreshing on  a warmer day & probably would have been better to be the first colour as it kind of washed of the orange I had just been through. I was pretty soaked afterwards & it seemed most of the water was aimed at my crotch.

Purple was the next station & I was  surprised as I had never seen it as its own station before (you’d just get purple packets at the end). Out of all the colour stations, purple had the most powder hanging in the air & quite a few people were coughing when they came out the other side.

Down the hill & just before the stables was the pink station. I think out of all the colours I ended up wearing more pink than anything else.

After the pink zone was the new snow zone. I had seen photos & videos of it & was excited to see what it was really like & how they would do it. Similar to the bubble zone from the Grand Prix Color Run early in the year but with a zillion more bubbles. It was more like the bubbles you have in a bubble bath. It was such a novelty so people were going quite slow & standing right in front of the machines. The ground was covered in brown bubbles. It actually looked like the bubbly foam you get when you make a spider with coke.

Onto the actually racecourse was the yellow zone.

The last colour zone before the finish line was green. As it was also on the racecourse, the grass was super super green & lush looking here!

Finish Festival

There were a lot of spectators at the finish line & while no one I knew would be waiting for me, it made me feel a little proud to see those people waiting. 

We waited around at the finish festival to join in with a colour throw. I was patiently holding onto my colour packet for that. I didn’t get as drench in colour as I did last time, but it was still worth it.
I’m glad the rain held off from the time we got there at 8:30am until I left around 12:30pm. It didn’t even rain for the rest of the day. You can tell from the photos that the sun was playing peek-a-boo all day.
I’m excited to see what locations they are having events in next year!


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