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Maxine’s Challenge week 3 has just finished & I’m actually feeling a bit bored. I think it’s a lack of variety. I’m really looking forward to the nutrition & training plans for weeks 5-8, here’s hoping they do actually change. Unfortunately, I think it will just become more restrictive & amp up the workouts.
Maxine's Challenge Week 3
My thighs seem to be a little bit more toned with a lot less cellulite but that seems to be the only change I have seen thus far, apart from the break out that is still lingering on my face.

My water intake is up a bit more too. I’m managing about 1 litre a day of water plus other fluids.

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I did an absolute killer HIIT ladder workout on Tuesday, my calves seem to have only recovered yesterday. It was a nice kind of sore though. HIIT is my favourite kind of workout as you can get a nice intense workout completed in a short time & it will still give you fantastic results. I’ve been looking to YouTube for inspiration because I know if I set a timer & do it alone I will slack off. I can still slack off with a video but I feel bad when I get to the end & the person in the video is huffing & puffing but I’m not.

I’m also becoming bored with the protein oats for breakfast. While it does help that I have a few flavours to choose from, it’s getting old really fast. Perhaps I can add some fruit to change up the flavour and texture.

My overall willpower is starting to fade. I’m not a “LET’S DO THIS!” kind of person, I’m more of a silent achiever. It hasn’t helped that my husband purchased mozzarella sticks, dagwood dogs, Hershey’s and Dr Pepper at Costco last weekend.

vegetarian quinoa chili

protein oats


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