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Kathleen is the adventurous writer behind Life by Kathleen. After having her first child, she realised that she wanted and needed better relationships with her friends. Finding ways to improve those friendships, set and achieve her goals, all while juggling motherhood, a career in marketing and a household.

40+ Unique Charcuterie Board Ideas For Your Next Party


A spread to feed a crowd that goes by many names. Charcuterie Grazing Table Grazing Plater Mezze Antipasto Snack Plate (as my daughter calls it) Whatever you call it. It's delicious, simple and always a party pleaser. You can put in as much or as little effort as you like. There are different charcuterie board ideas to suit any budget, occasion, diet and age group. With a selection of things like smoked salmon, cured meats, too many cheeses I can't pronounce, seasonal fruits and something sweet, these unique charcuterie board ideas will make it easy next time you need to [...]

40+ Unique Charcuterie Board Ideas For Your Next Party2022-07-03T18:41:45+10:00

19 Ways to Boost Your Mood


Lately I've been noticing the small things that can make a difference to my mood. And I'm hoping you can use some (or all) of these to boost your mood too! Change your phone wallpaper A couple of weeks ago I change the lock screen wallpaper on my phone. And I cannot believe how much of a difference this has made to my mood. I'm still not used to it, so every time I pick up my phone I smile. And the strange thing is that it isn't a special photo. It's just a coloured wallpaper that I found on [...]

19 Ways to Boost Your Mood2022-05-27T13:28:45+10:00

How To Manifest Friends


Ever wondered how to manifest friends? I have. And the good news is yes, you can manifest friends. In fact, you can manifest almost anything! But there are a few important things you need to know about the easy steps to successful manifesting. What is manifestation? In short, manifestation is the law of attraction. It's the practice of thinking certain positive thoughts in order to make them your reality. By having a clear vision of what you want, and using one or more methods below, you can manifest almost anything. Manifestation methods Before you get manifesting, you will need to [...]

How To Manifest Friends2022-05-15T16:20:40+10:00

How to make friends at 30 (or any age)


In my early 20s, I used to complain to my husband all the time that I didn't have any close female friends. And his reply was always the same. He told me I would make friends with the school mums when we had children. Fast forward about ten years, and I have a few best friends and a wider friend group that I consider to be my close friends. And funnily enough, they aren't other school mums. A few things you need to know before making friends: You will need to put yourself out there with an open mind (this [...]

How to make friends at 30 (or any age)2022-04-26T12:18:48+10:00

What you need to know about hosting a pool party


I've had a bit of practice throwing pool parties, with my first one being for a girl's night. I wouldn't say I have perfected how to throw an adult pool party, by any means. But I have had a lot of practice and know the elements that make it one to remember. Pool Party timing Picking the perfect time for your pool party can be tricky. And apart from the weather, the biggest hurdle is finding a time that suits everyone. But before you can even get to that, there are a few questions you should ask yourself. Do you [...]

What you need to know about hosting a pool party2022-06-07T13:53:02+10:00

Friendship Red Flags: when a friend is not really a friend


Some friendship last and some don’t. And sometimes friends become family, literally. But there is a saying that goes something like there are three friends in life. Friends for a reason, friends for a season and friends for a lifetime. And I think that holds true. Just like any red flags, friendship red flags can be subjective. So here are some clues that will help you determine where your friendship might be heading. The way you feel after spending time with them I have one friend who I have been friends with for 10+ years. But I often find that after spending [...]

Friendship Red Flags: when a friend is not really a friend2022-03-29T13:44:52+11:00

Things I do to save money that just makes sense


This is personal to me and how I save money. I'm not telling you that you should do all of these things too. But if you are looking to save some money, here are a few things I find helpful for my family. Reduce the meat in each serve It took me a long time to realise that any meal that requires mince probably doesn't need as much as the recipe says. And I have HelloFresh to thank for that. We had a recipe for nachos that only used 250g of beef mince, which turned out to be plenty. So [...]

Things I do to save money that just makes sense2022-06-18T17:23:21+10:00

My Regrets and What I’ve Done About Them


Regrets happen. Sometimes they are big. Like not reconciling with a family member before their death. Sometimes they are small. Like not buying that jacket when it was on sale. And sometimes they are really small. Like not ordering a McFlurry with your drive through order. And they come in many forms. Regret for doing something. Regret for not doing something. And the wondering of what if. Either way, I think it's impossible to live a life without regrets. When you look up regret on Google you get a wide variety of results ranging from tattoos, break ups and children [...]

My Regrets and What I’ve Done About Them2022-06-18T17:58:58+10:00

15+ Reasons Why Having an Only Child is the Best Decision You Will Make


There are a few stigmas when it comes to being or having an only child. They are/will be lonely. They are/will be spoilt. They are/will be selfish. But these negative stereotypes aren't reserved just for an only child. Any child can be lonely, spoilt and selfish or even have imaginary friends. I know a lot of it comes down to parenting, and we all do that differently.  And while there are great reasons to have any number of children, there are also some disadvantages. So here are 15+ reasons why having an only child is a good idea and the [...]

15+ Reasons Why Having an Only Child is the Best Decision You Will Make2022-07-02T17:13:37+10:00

10+ Ways of Simplifying Your Life


Sometimes simplifying your life comes out of necessity and other times it's just an evolution. To me, simplifying your life is more along the lines of work smarter, not harder. And these are some of the changes I've made to work smarter. And while some of these steps are quite small, when combined they can make quite an impact on your day to day life. Robot Vacuum I really didn't think I needed a robot vacuum. It would only take me about half an hour to vacuum the whole house. And its not like I needed to find more time [...]

10+ Ways of Simplifying Your Life2021-08-04T14:39:53+10:00

Coping with anxiety during fertility treatments


Infertility can bring up a number of mental health concerns. And anxiety is probably the most common. Due to the nature of the treatments involved, you might already be very attuned with your bodies. Noticing subtle changes and become conscious of every possible ache, twinge or sensation in your body. Your thoughts are racing and you are worried about all sorts of things you should or shouldn’t be doing. Which makes it very difficult to relax and not think about it. You wonder how you can possibly switch off and not think about something that is so important to you. [...]

Coping with anxiety during fertility treatments2021-09-04T15:05:28+10:00

15+ easy habits you can start building today


Easy habits, simple habits or micro habits. Whatever you want to call them, they can make a big impact. Whether you want more or less of something, there are plenty of easy habits to start today. 15+ easy habits you can start building today 1. Drink more water Drinking more water seems so simple. But it took me about six months to get into the habit of drinking one litre of water per day. One litre. But now that I have that under my belt, it's much easier to hit and exceed that goal.  And we all know why we [...]

15+ easy habits you can start building today2022-03-29T13:46:12+11:00

20+ ideas to add to your mental health toolbox


Life can get hard sometimes. So I have a bunch of things in what I call my mental health toolbox. They are all tasks I have used in the past to help lift my mood, motivate me and instil a little extra confidence. It's unfortunate, but I need to say this. I have no qualifications when it comes to mental health, so this is all just my opinion and experience. And so many of the things in this article are not for everybody. So my advice to you is to just take what you need and be open to new [...]

20+ ideas to add to your mental health toolbox2022-03-29T13:46:14+11:00

Looking back on my experiences of 2020


So 2020 is coming to an end. I'm sure many people are glad to see the back of it and looking forward to the new year. But I've taken the last month or so to look back on 2020. And because of all of the changes this year, I feel like I have more to reflect on than in previous years. I think comes down to taking the time to be more grateful. So this is a summary of my year and the things that stand out in my mind. My word of the year I've picked a word of [...]

Looking back on my experiences of 20202022-06-18T17:49:26+10:00
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