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Why the time of day you exercise matters


If you are anything like me at the moment, you are (stuck) at home. And I am currently at home my husband, my 3-year-old and my mother in law. Between trying to work at home, entertain my daughter and keeping the house running as close to normal as possible, something was starting to give. My gym was closed. And it didn't have any online classes. But I knew I still needed to keep active. After all, the main reason I joined the gym was for my mental health. I've been going to yoga classes at my gym since I signed [...]

Why the time of day you exercise matters2020-04-04T13:53:10+11:00

Why You Need Multiple To-Do Lists


I love a good list. I love them so much I have them everywhere. Having multiple to-do lists means that I can keep my ideas in different places for different things. Important tasks, not so important but still need to be done and plans for the future. Why do lists work? Lists work because it helps tremendously to get the ideas out of your head. Once the items are out of your head, you don’t really need to keep remembering them because it’s on your list. Lists provide a simple structure for everyday things like general groceries you need to [...]

Why You Need Multiple To-Do Lists2020-03-20T17:46:22+11:00

My 2020 Word of the Year


I did it in 2018 with great success. I did it again in 2019 with average success. And I'm doing it again in 2020. I've picked a word of the year. My 2020 word of the year is... Environment This year I want to focus on environment. And I've taken that to mean the physical environment of my house and the actual environment. I already know of a few ways I can improve this but I'd love to hear your suggestions. So far I have switched to more ethical and environmentally friendly versions of a few products. Ideally, I'd like to [...]

My 2020 Word of the Year2020-02-28T14:21:10+11:00