Maxine’s Challenge: Week 1

//Maxine’s Challenge: Week 1

So this is it, Maxine’s Challenge week 1. Last year I looked at doing the Maxine’s Shape-Up Challenge after I heard about it on Max’s Muscle TV. Unfortunately, I left it too late to register. But I remembered this year & managed to fulfil the requirements in time. The challenge looks at both nutrition & exercise for results. The female challenge, “Tone & Shape” is focused on weight loss & the male challenge focuses on getting strong but both nutrition & exercise plans are available depending on your goals.
Maxine's Challenge Week 1
The first week has just ended & what a week it was! I was busy with full-time work, an additional 10 hours of work after hours, running a household, as well as the change in diet & exercise.

I was quite surprised how I felt after the first two days. I found that I could survive on less food than I had always planned for. I’m probably thirsty rather than hungry. I am rarely thirsty & I know I don’t drink enough. Some days I can go the whole day on about 500mL.

I’ve been writing down everything that I’ve been eating, drinking and the exercise that I’ve been doing. This is mostly so I can keep track of it. It also allows me to see when I’m slacking off as some patterns may emerge. I just typed something up in excel & printed them blank to fill in. I’d post exactly what I’m eating but I’m not too proud of my first week’s effort!

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I had some mild sugar withdrawal headaches on Wednesday & Thursday, which surprised me. I like to think that I eat pretty well & clean anyway, I had already been doing my own version of protein oats as a last minute lunch at work. I’m not much of a tea or coffee drinker, maybe two coffees a week but certainly never more than one a day as I’m pretty sensitive to caffeine. I do like to have a chai in the afternoon as a pick me up sometimes, so the days I have a coffee I don’t allow myself to have a chai as well.

From Thursday I was craving something sweet after dinner which was a little odd since I don’t normally eat dessert, so I just made myself a cup of green tea. I’ve also been trying to get to bed earlier to avoid the sweet cravings.

I had some dizzy spells on Friday, so I nibbled on a small piece of dark chocolate & had more water.

I’m not sure that I would call week 1 a success as I don’t really feel any different, albeit a bit sore (DOMS), & haven’t seen any results like some people have. But I’m sure I will see results in the week 4 fitness test.

green tea in my new teacup

salmon & salad

2 scrambled eggs and mashed avocado on rye toast


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