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Maxine's Challenge Week 11
It’s no surprise that Maxine’s Challenge week 11 post is shorter than the last. I’m having a lot of trouble sticking to the program, it’s mostly the training that I struggle with. My motivation has completely gone out the window. I think it was last week that I said I just wanted to be good at running without putting in any of the legwork to get there. I feel the same about pretty much everything; running, work, eating right etc. I’m sure someday soon my motivation will find it’s way back to me.

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The Bloody Long Walk is getting closer but my distances for that aren’t getting any longer yet. I’d like to try to do five kilometres every day for seven days. Which adds up to a total of 35 kilometres, the length of The Bloody Long Walk. But I’m sure this is also a pipe dream. It’s like I just don’t have the time. I get home from work at 6, do my best to cook a good wholesome dinner, do some housework & try to relax, I feel like there is no time left for anything else. I know it’s a pretty poor excuse. There is time in my day. I just need to make time for the things I want. And I know that I can’t achieve anything unless I make an effort.
On the plus side I did just buy another pack of protein bars & protein powders. This time I got a chocolate & a strawberry protein powder along with a pack of double choc fudge protein bars. I’ve also found that if you combine the protein powder with milk in a blender, then close your eyes as you drink it, it tastes like a McDonald’s thickshake.

still loving the greek yoghurt with protein powder


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Maxine’s Burn Protein Bars Double Choc Fudge – this flavour and cookies & cream are my favourite!
Maxine’s Burn Low Carb Cookie Cookies & Cream – eating cookies as part of the meal plan during a fitness challenge? Yes please!
Maxine’s Burn Protein- Chocolate- 1.25kg – tastes just like a chocolate thickshake from Macca’s.
Maxine’s Burn Protein Bar Variety Box Gluten Free Low Carbs Snack – for when you can’t decide which flavour to buy
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