Harley the Pom meets a Friend
Harley the Pom meets a friend so that when he is older he will be able to interact with other dogs appropriately. Unfortunately, he was too old to go to puppy school. But luckily for us, we know a few people with dogs. There are also a few obedience dog clubs that we can attend if need be. I love the idea of teaching Harley some basic obedience and maybe a trick or two. But perhaps we should start with housebreaking.

Harley’s personality has developed so much in the month that we have had him. I only had pet fish or rabbits growing up. They are very different from dogs, or even cats. So this was all new to me. Our rabbits were originally caught in wild. We bred them and sold them to the local pet shop. I remember one year we had 36 baby rabbits in our backyard. I should mention that this was in the early 90’s. A lot has changed since then!

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Now I finally understand what people mean when they say their pet is a family member. If you don’t have that, it’s really hard to describe and understand. And one day I will know what it’s like to lose that family member.

Harley the Pom meets a Friend

This is a video of Harley playing with his cousin, Boston. Boston is a one-year-old black cavoodle. A cavoodle is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles and a Poodle.

We can see that Harley thinks he is the dominant one. He will probably also suffer from ‘small dog syndrome’. But only time will tell. What happens at the end gave us quite a surprise as we didn’t know when dogs develop those behaviours.


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