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When it’s a good idea to share your goals (and when it’s not)


You’re probably familiar with the idea of sharing your goals publicly. You announce to the world that you’re going to eat less meat, save $5,000 for a holiday, learn how to knit, or donate blood. But before you share your goals with anyone, you need to know if it's advantageous or damaging. Is it a good idea to share your goals? The simple answer is yes and no. Just like almost anything in life, there are pros and cons to sharing your goals with friends and family members. Sharing your goals has several advantages It can make you more accountable [...]

When it’s a good idea to share your goals (and when it’s not)2022-10-28T11:17:41+11:00

10 Goal Setting Frameworks to Help You Succeed


Creating a goal-setting framework that works for you. But you need to know a few more things about goal setting before you get started with a framework. During the process of setting goals, you want to find the sweet spot between your ambitious objectives and managing your to-do list with measurable goals. Is goal setting effective? In short, yes. Setting clear goals is an effective way to get your desired results. The increased motivation from achieving small goals builds momentum to help you achieve complex goals. But the goal-setting approach can be the most important thing when it comes to [...]

10 Goal Setting Frameworks to Help You Succeed2022-10-27T06:02:33+11:00

18 Habits That Make You More Productive


You all know that there are only so many hours in a day. But you can learn to use your time more effectively. And if you already think that you are working as hard as you can, it's time to learn how to work smarter. Try these 18 habits that will make you more productive. Invest in yourself It can be all too easy to forget about your health and well-being during a stressful phase of life. But taking care of yourself gives you more energy to do the things you enjoy most. Ways you can invest in yourself Eat [...]

18 Habits That Make You More Productive2022-10-20T14:27:06+11:00

Practical Tips to Set Effective Daily Goals


If you're anything like me, you're excited to set new and exciting goals. But you lose track somewhere along the day. As much as you want to cut back on your screen time or spend more time outside, nothing ever seems to change. But I'm here to tell you that setting daily goals might just be the key to your goal getting success. You can hang on to those long-term goals but use short-term goals to help you get to your destination. Keep reading to find out the benefits of daily goals and how to use them. Goals can be [...]

Practical Tips to Set Effective Daily Goals2022-09-23T09:32:18+10:00

Developing an attitude for goals


Developing an attitude toward goals can set you up for success right from the beginning. Whether you're looking to advance you career, improve your health, or be more relaxed, developing an attitude for goals can make any activity easier to achieve. A positive attitude is not just forcing a smile through gritted teeth in the hopes of feeling better. It is something a lot more profound than that. When we adopt a positive attitude, we are using the power of our mind to remove thoughts and ideas that are no longer helping us to develop. - Itayi Garande, Broken Families: How [...]

Developing an attitude for goals2022-09-16T15:48:31+10:00

9 Ways To Help You Stay Motivated and Positive


With everything happening in the world at the moment, it's important to stay motivated and positive, despite everything you might be facing. And that includes the good and the bad. How many times have you read a self-help book, watch a TED Talk, or tried to start a new habit but given up only a few days later? Why? Why do we get inspired and motivated with all of these grand ideas, but nothing happens? When I'm feeling a lack of motivation and energy, I ask myself these three questions: What do I want from today? What have I done [...]

9 Ways To Help You Stay Motivated and Positive2022-08-18T05:45:18+10:00

Why it’s ok to change your goals and how it can make your life better


Can you say that you are completely satisfied with the way you are working towards your goals? Hopefully, continuing to strive for the goals that you’ve set is bringing you joy and filling you with purpose.   But, maybe it's not. Maybe you feel a bit lost and unsure. Perhaps you were being too ambitious when you started setting goals. Or maybe your life has changed in a way that you didn't expect, like losing your job or a breakup.   Sometimes we just have to yell pivot like we're in a 90s sitcom and start in a new direction. [...]

Why it’s ok to change your goals and how it can make your life better2022-07-29T14:02:13+10:00

Looking back on my experiences of 2020


So 2020 is coming to an end. I'm sure many people are glad to see the back of it and looking forward to the new year. But I've taken the last month or so to look back on 2020. And because of all of the changes this year, I feel like I have more to reflect on than in previous years. I think comes down to taking the time to be more grateful. So this is a summary of my year and the things that stand out in my mind. My word of the year I've picked a word of [...]

Looking back on my experiences of 20202022-06-18T17:49:26+10:00

Why You Need Different Types of Goals


I've done a lot of work on goal setting lately. And I've discovered there are a few different types of goals. And the types of goals can be broken down to make sure your goals are a success. So, there are a few different ways to classify goals. And I like to break them into two main categories, then break those down further based on a timeframe. The first types of goals are bucket list goals and habit goals. The second type is long term goals and short term goals. Bucket List vs. Habit Goals Bucket list goals are the [...]

Why You Need Different Types of Goals2022-08-22T16:51:21+10:00

The Best Time to Set Big Goals


Most people only set themselves some new goals at the beginning of the year. There are a few others that use their birthday as the start of a new year. Both of these work, but there's another time that's great for goal setting. And that time is right now. But there’s a reason why we tend to set goals around milestone dates like the new year or a birthday. It’s because we like to break our lives down into chunks. Years, Quarters, months and weeks. We can't forget how many new things start on Mondays! The best time to set [...]

The Best Time to Set Big Goals2020-09-14T13:41:36+10:00

Goal Setting Mistakes We’ve All Made


Setting and achieving goals can give your life direction and purpose. But there are a number of common goal setting mistakes that can keep your efforts from being fruitful. So if your goals are leaving you feeling uninspired and like you're not making any progress, you might be making one or more of these mistakes. Goal setting mistakes You’re selling too many goals Your goals aren’t specific You don’t measure your goals Your goals aren't attainable Your goals aren’t relevant Your goals don’t have a timeframe You don’t have accountability You don't have a why You don't have a plan [...]

Goal Setting Mistakes We’ve All Made2020-09-07T14:25:56+10:00

How a Word of the Year Can Help you Achieve Your Goals


The first time I heard about a word of the year it was a light bulb moment. I found out about the idea via the Happier with Gretchen Ruben podcast. And I thought to myself, why am I setting all of these goals when I'd probably have more success with just one? What is a word of the year? A word, or phrase, of the year, is a guide for what you want to get out of the year or an area of your life that you want to focus on. It's a great way to set an intention for [...]

How a Word of the Year Can Help you Achieve Your Goals2020-08-10T21:07:33+10:00

My Favourite Tools for Goal Setting Success


There are many ways to be successful when it comes to setting and achieving your goals. But some tools can make the whole process a whole lot easier and much more fun. There are three particular tools for goal setting that have really made a difference in my success. Write it down I think writing down your goals is probably one of the most well-known goal-setting tools. There are a lot of different statistics out there about it. But you are about 40% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. So if you only do one [...]

My Favourite Tools for Goal Setting Success2021-04-30T16:55:23+10:00

Why setting easy goals is the secret to goal setting success


You don't need to wait until New Years to start on a new goal. And it's totally ok if you choose an easy goal. After all, easy goals lay the groundwork for the more challenging ones. And, not all goals need to take months or years to accomplish. Some can be done in a matter of days. And those easy goals can quickly help you gain momentum towards something more significant. Easy goals don’t always start out easy In August last year, I set myself a goal of drinking one litre of water a day. Easy, right? Wrong. You may [...]

Why setting easy goals is the secret to goal setting success2022-08-22T16:54:59+10:00
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