Kathleen (noun)

  • Early 30’s.
  • Bustling employee in the digital marketing field, after working in the accounting industry for 9 years.
  • Wife of a business owner.
  • Mum to the cutest and silliest little girl I know.
  • Making up recipes as I go, researching new ways to do the same things, and minimising certain areas of life, therefore, expanding on others.
  • Striving to be more creative with the food that I prepare, the gifts I give, and the way that I live. In order to inspire others to do better and to be better.

Life By Kathleen encompasses the many parts of my life, but mostly the things I create. I really do enjoy making things for people, whether it’s food, a toy or something really useful. The happiness I get from seeing someone enjoy something I created is just phenomenal. And I know how well loved handmade items are in today’s age when things are no longer built to last.

I also like to provide handy hints that I have found to be quite useful. Most commonly known as Life Hacks.

I love quotes & think they can make you feel inspired, empowered & reassured. My all-time favourite quote is “if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there” which is what the Cheshire Cat says to Alice in Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.