Welcome to Life by Kathleen

Hey there!

I’m Kathleen, the person behind Life By Kathleen.

I’m on a mission to help you enhance your life ina few key areas adult friendships, habits, and goal setting. I believe that by focusing on these aspects, we can truly transform our lives for the better.

As a firm believer in continual self-improvement, I’m really passionate about guiding women (especially those navigating the beautiful chaos of motherhood) towards creating more enriching friendships and a more purposeful life overall.

Friendship is at the heart of it all. I’ve been there, wanting to connect on a deeper level with like-minded women. To share stories, laughter, and even the challenges yhat make us all human. That’s why I began hosting girls’ nights – because we all deserve a break, a night off with friends, where we can just be ourselves.

Here, you’ll find a welcoming space, geared towards like-minded women looking to improve not only their friendships, but also their personal development and in turn, their lives. From setting and achieving meaningful goals to establishing habits that stick, we’ll journey together towards a more fulfilling and balanced life.

My ultimate goal? To inspire you to become a better friend and forge even stronger connections with those around you, as well as with yourself.