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Dive into a world of insightful articles, practical tips, and transformative resources that will inspire you to become the best version of yourself. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your mindset, boost your confidence, develop healthy habits, or find inner balance, this category provides a wealth of guidance to support your journey. Discover powerful techniques, actionable advice, and uplifting stories that will empower you to make positive changes and lead a fulfilling life. Embark on a path of self-discovery and self-improvement with Life by Kathleen

Summer Goal Ideas: Embrace the Season with Purpose and Fun


Looking for some fun and achievable summer goal ideas for the upcoming warmer months? Whether you're looking to make the most of your summer break or simply want to try something new, there are plenty of ideas to inspire you. One of the best things about setting summer goals is that they can be tailored to your personal interests and lifestyle. From trying out a new sport or hobby to exploring your local area, there are endless possibilities to choose from. Plus, setting goals can help you stay motivated and give you a sense of accomplishment as you tick them [...]

Summer Goal Ideas: Embrace the Season with Purpose and Fun2024-05-24T18:05:27+10:00

Life Upgrade: Transformations Over the Last Year


Over the past year, I've been on an unintentional journey of a life upgrade. Each of these choices or ideas have contributed to more fun, better rest and an increase motivation. Through creativity, exploration, and the embrace of discomfort, I've discovered the power of self-expression and growth. Join me as I reflect on the victories and transformations that have changed the shaped my life in the last 12 months. Skincare I'm not getting any younger. And I know I need to take better care of my skin, particularly my face. So maybe it was time for some Botox? So I [...]

Life Upgrade: Transformations Over the Last Year2024-05-06T14:29:08+10:00

7+ Ways To Ditch Overindulgence during the holidays


As you enter the age of overindulgence, it's crucial to approach any holiday season with mindful consideration of your eating habits and overall well-being. For many, this time of year often brings about a plethora of tempting treats and traditional dishes that can lead to weight gain and negative emotions if not managed properly. However, with a few small changes and assertive care, you can enjoy the festivities while still prioritizing your health goals. Here are some strategies to help you navigate holiday meals with confidence. Mindful Eating Instead of mindlessly indulging in every holiday treat that crosses your path, [...]

7+ Ways To Ditch Overindulgence during the holidays2024-04-02T06:41:50+11:00

15+ easy habits you can start building today


Easy habits, simple habits or micro habits. Whatever you want to call them, they can make a big impact on your overall health. Whether you want more or less of something, there are plenty of easy habits to start today. Take these examples of small habits that you can add to your daily routine to lay the groundwork for a more mindful, purposeful, and fulfilling life. These small changes, when practiced consistently, have the power to transform your daily experience, enhance your relationships, and bring you closer to your personal goals. 15+ easy habits you can start building today 1. [...]

15+ easy habits you can start building today2024-07-17T11:34:59+10:00

20+ ideas to add to your mental health toolbox


Life can get hard sometimes. So I have a bunch of things in what I call my mental health toolbox. They are all tasks I have used in the past to help lift my mood, motivate me and instil a little extra confidence. It’s unfortunate, but I need to say this. I have no qualifications when it comes to mental health, so this is all just my opinion and experience. And so many of the things in this article are not for everybody. So my advice to you is to just take what you need and be open to new [...]

20+ ideas to add to your mental health toolbox2024-03-14T11:59:44+11:00

How To Stop Arguing About Housework


Whether you are married, engaged or just living with a partner or friends, disagreements often arise around housework. And it generally evolves into one party listing all the things that they do that aren’t related to housework but still makes a difference. It’s important to be on the same page when it comes to the expectation of who will do the housework. And effective communication and collaboration is a key factors in resolving any housework-related conflicts that may arise. Everyone comes from a different upbringing and likely has different expectations.  A parent that didn’t work outside the home A paid [...]

How To Stop Arguing About Housework2023-09-27T12:31:53+10:00

How to Find your Purpose with Personality Tests


I am currently in the throws of finding my purpose. I’m not sure I ever had one but it’s been a pretty constant theme appearing every month or so for the last year. Perhaps purpose should be my word of the year? But learning more about yourself through personality tests can shed some light and help you find your purpose. I’ll include my results in each one! What is a personality test? A personality test is a psychological assessment tool that is designed to evaluate and measure various traits, characteristics, and patterns of your personality.  The tests typically consist of a series [...]

How to Find your Purpose with Personality Tests2023-11-01T18:44:30+11:00

How to Plan the Perfect Self-Care Weekend as a Busy Mom


Moms are often seen as the pillars of strength in families, but we often forget to take care of ourselves. Even though also taking care of yourself is an important part of being a parent, many of us struggle to find the time or resources to take care of our own needs. Common obstacles that prevent moms from taking care of themselves include: lack of time financial constraints lack of support from family members and friends feeling guilty for putting yourself first lack of energy to do more And with limited resources available, many moms are left feeling overwhelmed by [...]

How to Plan the Perfect Self-Care Weekend as a Busy Mom2024-05-03T12:14:58+10:00

A to Z of Self Care Ideas to Nurture your Wellbeing


Self-care. It’s one of those things you love or don’t really care for. I’ll be honest, I’m not a big fan of the phrase. But I know I need to keep a few self-care activities up my sleeve. The definition of self-care Self-care is the practice of taking deliberate actions to develop and nurture your physical well-being, emotional health and mental welfare. But it goes beyond simple indulgences like a bath or rich chocolate ice cream. It encompasses activities and habits that promote long-term balance. It recognises the importance of maintaining a good relationship with yourself. And by taking care [...]

A to Z of Self Care Ideas to Nurture your Wellbeing2024-05-06T16:14:54+10:00

Insightful Quotes from James Clear’s Atomic Habits


As a self-confessed self-improvement junkie, I love a good self-help book. And Atomic Habits by James Clear is no exception. It's one of the most popular books on habits. And can be found near the top of almost any book recommendation list about habits, motivation or self-improvement. A little about James Clear James Clear, the renowned author and speaker, has transformed the way we approach personal development and behaviour change through his innovative self-help book, Atomic Habits. Throughout its pages, Clear offers invaluable insights and strategies for building positive habits that can transform our lives. A little about Atomic Habits [...]

Insightful Quotes from James Clear’s Atomic Habits2024-05-10T16:19:59+10:00

9 Uncommon Ways To Practice Self Care


Sitting in a hot bubble bath with a face mask or doing yoga is not everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to self-care. While I do love a long hot bubble bath, yoga is just too slow for me. The term self-care wasn’t something I was familiar with before trying to become a parent. Before that, it was just part of what I did anyway. But going through IVF, an importance was placed on looking after my mental health, not just my physical health.Now self-care means taking the time to do things that I enjoy and being a little [...]

9 Uncommon Ways To Practice Self Care2024-04-08T12:53:01+10:00

How to Survive a Season of Chaos


Working in the accounting industry for 9 years, I learned really quickly when the busiest time of the year is. No one dared apply for leave during the month of July. I had to learn how to survive a season of chaos, and fast. Here are a few things I do to keep myself sane outside of work hours during those busy times. What is a season of chaos? A season of chaos is a period of life where things feel unpredictable, disordered and even turbulent. It's important to embrace flexibility and adaptability during this time. And recognise that your circumstances [...]

How to Survive a Season of Chaos2023-10-18T11:39:10+11:00

Strategies to reduce and overcome procrastination


What’s your relationship with procrastination like? Are you constantly fighting it, or does it have the upper hand? If your to-do list is seemingly never-ending and you often find that you’re running behind in projects and tasks, it might be time to reevaluate your approach to procrastination. You are not alone In this article, you’ll learn more about why you procrastinate, how to tell when you are procrastinating, and what you can do to overcome it. Procrastination isn't just a symptom; it's a condition. It tends to develop over time and can also lead to other issues. If you procrastinate, [...]

Strategies to reduce and overcome procrastination2024-03-14T14:02:24+11:00

20+ self improvement books to help you learn anything


In today's fast-paced and constantly changing world, the importance of self-improvement cannot be overstated. Whether you want to advance in your career, improve your relationships, or simply become a better version of yourself, there are countless resources available to help you achieve your goals. One of the most popular and effective ways to embark on a journey of self-improvement is by reading books. With so many self-improvement books out there, it can be overwhelming to choose the right ones.  Whether you're just starting your self-improvement journey or looking for new insights and strategies, this list is sure to provide you [...]

20+ self improvement books to help you learn anything2023-03-04T11:46:37+11:00
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