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Goals for 2019

goals for 2019Once again this year I have decided not to set goals or resolutions, but pick a word, theme or phrase for the year. But again like last year I have chosen two themes for 2019. Around the middle of 2018, I decided to start thinking about what I wanted to accomplish in 2019. I have heard that the best time to set new goals for yourself is your birthday, rather than the start of the year. I think this makes it a bit obvious that my birthday is in the middle of the year.


Health encompasses many things. Physical fitness, mental health and nutrition.
I’ve been really sneaky here and actually started this one a little bit earlier than the new year. I started exercising a little bit more in August. But by exercising more I just mean choosing to exercise. Any exercise I was doing before that was unintentional. I’d like to suggest to my friends that we attend a fitness class for a Squad Night Off. Perhaps water aerobics, yoga or even belly dancing.
I also find it so much easier to eat better and drink more water during the warmer months, so it made sense to ease into it as the weather was warming up.
I hope that by choosing to improve my health this year, that it will also have a flow-on effect on my husband and daughter.


This year I want to work hard and make something of myself. I’d like something financially rewarding to put my energy into.
But again, I cheated. I started looking into this around August. I’ve been listening to the Side Hustle School podcast by Chris Guillebeau since it started in 2017. Although this podcast is so motivational, it took me a long time to come up with an idea that I was confident with and then implement it.

On top of these two words, I have decided to take part in 19 for 2019. It’s a list of 19 things that I want to accomplish in 2019.

Do you have any goals for 2019?

19 for 2019

19 for 2019
I first heard about 18 for 2018 on the Happier with Gretchen Rubin podcast. So 19 for 2019 is not a new concept to me. But the thought of achieving 19 things this year was quite daunting.
I’ve struggled over the years to stick to any new years resolutions that I make. So in 2018, I decided to pick a theme for the year. Actually, I picked two. I’ve also picked two main themes to focus on in 2019, but there are a lot of one-off things that I want to do too.
So here is my 19 for 2019 list. All of the items are based on something that only needs to be done once in order for the goal to be achieved.

19 in 2019

○ Have a legal will drawn up
○ Transfer house ownership
○ Skin check
○ Clean out plastics cupboard
○ Get my hair cut by a hairdresser
○ Fix the blind in the spare bedroom so it works properly
○ Get some more professional looking photos of myself
○ Take sensitive paperwork to get shredded
○ Get new glasses
○ Read 20 adult books
○ Squad weekend away
○ Take a DNA test to find out more about my ancestry
○ Attend a local business meetup
○ Watch Lord of the Rings trilogy
○ Take a yoga class
○ Visit a local winery
○ Have a massage
○ Stay overnight somewhere I haven’t been before
○ See a movie at the cinema

Many of these are just things that are on my to-do list. Some are more important than others. Some I can get done relatively soon. And about half of them require payment for services rendered.

Hindsight at the end of 2018

Hindsight at the end of 2018There is hindsight at the end of 2018. And of course, hindsight is always 20/20. But I think I did really well with my 2018 goals. Rather than making a number of New Year’s resolutions that ultimately fail, this year I decided to pick a theme. I actually picked two. My two themes were relationships and mise en place.


The main relationships that I wanted to improve were my friendships, but I also wanted to become a bit closer with my extended family and colleagues. In January I started the tradition of the Squad Night off, which has continued roughly every month. Each of us hosting or choosing somewhere to go. I hope everyone is still interested and we can continue it in 2019.
I was hoping to visit my nan roughly every two months, but it was closer to three or four. But I did make an effort to call her every few weeks just to catch up.
I also didn’t see my in-laws all that much. Which is unusual considering we all live so close to each other now.

Mise en Place

Mise en place was my way of saying a place for everything and everything in its place. Unfortunately, I didn’t give this as much of my energy as I had hoped. I did manage to get rid of a lot of clothes that no longer fit anyone. I also managed to sell some things, making a little bit of money.
I’ve listened to a few podcasts and read a few books on the topic of decluttering. But I actually don’t like that word. I don’t like to think of my stuff as clutter. It had a purpose at one point in time, but it has served its purpose now and needs to move on. But I will continue to find a place for things and if it has no place, out it goes.

I used a few amazing resources throughout the year

I really loved the idea of choosing a theme to focus on for the year, instead of choosing countless items to check off a list, or in my case not tick off. I’ve decided to select two themes again for next year but you will have to wait to find out what they are!
Did you also gain hindsight at the end of 2018?

Seven Ways To Ditch Overindulgence

7 Ways to Ditch Overindulgence
The silly season is upon us and everywhere I look the tables are full of temptations. Between all of the end of year birthdays, work breakups and family Christmas parties it can become a little overwhelming. Then there is New Years to contend with. So here are seven ways to ditch overindulgence.

Eat a good breakfast

Having a full stomach means you will be less likely to snack on some not so healthy options. My breakfast protein mug is the perfect breakfast to keep you fuller for longer.

Drink plenty of water

Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water. It can help minimise a hangover and can also help you feel fuller, without the boat from soft drinks.

Minimise alcohol and soft drink

Soft drinks can just add to the bloating you may already feel after a large meal, so stick to water.

Sharing is caring

Sharing really is caring. It’s also great because you know exactly what went into it because you made it. Healthy festive bark always goes down a treat.

A spot of tea

Many different teas are known for aiding in digestion. Peppermint is my favourite and green tea is also another favourite.

Walk it off

Getting your body moving after a big meal can also help digestion along, and remove that ‘too full’ feeling.

Know that it is only temporary

The silly season will be over before you know it. You will be writing out your goals for the new year and this will all be a thing of the past.

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So Blessed: A Modern-Day Cliche

So Blessed A Modern-Day ClicheI hate to use a modern-day cliche but sometimes I really do feel so blessed. Yesterday was certainly one of those days.

Last night I had a chance to reflect a little. Thirteen years ago I had the chance to reconnect with some old family friends. Normally I would not have taken up that opportunity but I thought why the heck not? This group of family friends has grown, as other friends have been added, partners have been added and now kids have also been added into the mix.

Some of these people I have known since I was born because my dad grew up with their dads back in the 60’s. I remember their old family dogs, going on vacations together, even visiting their grandparents. Not to mention all of the old photos we are in together.

Last night was the first time that I can recall that we were all together, without a specific occasion. Well actually, the occasion was the beautiful weather we had yesterday. If beautiful weather is not the best excuse to get together then I don’t know that is.

It was so great to see everyone and see all of the kids playing together. I’m absolutely amazed at how much we have all grown up, especially in the last 10 years. We are all proper adults now. With jobs, mortgages and children. But it’s great to know that we can all easily come together to catch up at random times throughout the year.

Cheers, to feeling so blessed.

Basically, all of the wives/girlfriends are a part of the squad, you know, the one that gets together once a month for a night off from the responsibilities of adulthood. Us ladies have also really strengthened our friendships this year. I know I feel a lot more connected to them than I ever have before. It’s the first time since high school that I feel like I have real friends. I’ve also felt I can open up to them about things like anxiety and post-natal depression.

You really do have more when you are grateful for what you already have.