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Maxine's Challenge Week 6
Maxine’s Challenge week 6 has been all about motivation. If only I could feel as motivated before working out as I do afterwards! I’d even settle for feeling half as motivated. The weather has been absolutely perfect in Melbourne this weekend. I was meant to go for a run yesterday but I got too distracted by housework, what an existence! I did 4 loads of washing, 6 in total over the 2 day weekend, shopping for cards & presents for all the events coming up, a spot of gardening & then out for my best friend’s engagement party.

After eyeing off some cake at the engagement party, I came across the host’s sister, who is currently training for a fitness/bikini competition. Seeing her self-control helped me keep mine in check. So I opted for a taste of my husband’s first slice, yes he had more than one!

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Today has been another pretty lazy day with more washing & household chores. I managed to go for the run that I skipped yesterday & feel great after it now. I’m thinking I might have to repeat a few weeks, if not repeat every week in the Couch to 5K program. My lungs & body just don’t seem to be coping with the increase each week. But I do think I’m on track to knock off two of my new year’s resolutions. They were also on last year’s list.

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I’m thinking of making up my own little circuit training course to do as often as possible. I see a lot of short workouts posted on Pinterest that are along the lines of ‘do this before every shower & you will look fantastic’. All I need now is some motivation to come up with something. Then even more motivation to start doing it regularly!

 the beautiful engagement cake


avocado stuffed spinach omlette


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