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10 of the best traits and qualities of a good friend


A good friend can be hard to come by, especially when you are an adult. But there are a few qualities to look out for to ensure your new friendship will continue to blossom. There are a number of characteristics that set genuine friends apart from potential fake friends. So what makes a good friend? You might have many acquaintances and a handful of friends. But only the best of the best get to be called good friends. So what sets these amazingly great friends apart from all of your casual friends?  Some of the benefits that we get out of strong [...]

10 of the best traits and qualities of a good friend2023-11-06T13:52:17+11:00

How to use the different love languages in your friendships


Each person has their own primary love language, which is the way they feel most loved and appreciated. Understanding your friends' love languages can help you communicate your love and appreciation in a way that they will truly understand and appreciate. By understanding and speaking your friends' love languages, you can deepen your friendships and show your appreciation in a way that really resonates with them. What are Love Languages? Do you ever feel like you and your friends are not on the same wavelength when it comes to expressing love and appreciation? This is where the concept of love [...]

How to use the different love languages in your friendships2023-10-30T11:29:11+11:00

How to cultivate amazing and meaningful friendships


I always complained to my husband that I never had any close friendships, even in high school. He said that I would make friends with the other school mums when our kids were at school. And let me tell you, that was a long time for me to have to wait.So I chose not to wait for those friends to appear in my life. I decided to do things to become closer to the people I already knew.  And now I have a group of about 10 women that I am really great friends with. And a few of those I consider [...]

How to cultivate amazing and meaningful friendships2023-10-27T17:47:20+11:00

The best ways make adult friends in a new city


Moving to a new city as an adult can be both exhilarating and challenging. And one of the most significant hurdles is establishing a social circle in unfamiliar territory. The sense of leaving behind established friendships can be daunting, but forming new connections is important for personal growth and building a broader support network. Here, we'll walk through practical steps and strategies to help you smoothly navigate this transition and make meaningful connections in your new community. Acknowledging the Initial Hurdles It's entirely normal to feel a mix of excitement and apprehension when embarking on any new chapter of your [...]

The best ways make adult friends in a new city2023-10-10T07:03:42+11:00

The best quotes celebrating friendship to share with friends


There are many different types of friends that you need in life. You need a best friend, an old friend, one that makes you laugh and many more. Here are some friendship quotes that you can share with them. What is the meaning of friendship? A friendship is a deep, meaningful and reciprocal connection between two people. It's built on many foundations including trust, understanding, support as well as shared interests and experiences. Great friends enrich our lives with companionship, a sense of belonging, unwavering support and cherished memories. I know and love the privilege of friendship. Where can I [...]

The best quotes celebrating friendship to share with friends2023-11-01T18:46:54+11:00

Friendship Green Flags: Signs You’re a Good Friend


Friendship plays a crucial role in enhancing emotional well-being, fostering personal growth, and improving your overall quality of life. Genuine friendships provide invaluable support and validation through shared experiences and lifelong companionship. These essential elements contribute to cultivating happiness, building resilience, and nurturing a deep sense of belonging. What are friendship green flags? Friendship green flags are the opposite of red flags. They are a good sign that you have a healthy relationship and are a good friend to others. Understanding the importance of these green flags is pretty important. They help you in promoting positive and fulfilling connections. Real [...]

Friendship Green Flags: Signs You’re a Good Friend2023-09-27T15:17:24+10:00

The Types of Friends Everyone Needs in Life


Surrounding yourself with a bunch of amazing friends is one of the secrets to an amazing life. Having a diverse group of friends can keep things interesting. And you’ll be able to turn to different types of friends to help you through different areas of your life. You’ll also find there are a few trends between different groups of friends. Why we need friends Friends make life better. They help steer us in the right direction They provide us with a sense of belonging. Which is incredibly important when you are trying to find your place in the world. They [...]

The Types of Friends Everyone Needs in Life2023-09-27T11:54:29+10:00

Red flags and toxic friendship: what to look out for


Some friendships last and some don’t. And sometimes a friend literally becomes a family member. But there is a saying that goes something like there are three friends in life. Friends for a reason, friends for a season and friends for a lifetime. And I think that holds true. Just like relationship red flags, friendship red flags can be subjective. So here are some clues that will help you determine where your unhealthy friendships might be heading. The way you feel after spending time with them I have one friend who I have been friends with for 10+ years. But I [...]

Red flags and toxic friendship: what to look out for2023-09-27T15:18:11+10:00

The Secrets to Maintaining Adult Friendships


Maintaining adult friendships can be difficult. It’s not like high school, where you see each other every day. You actually have to put in some effort to keep them alive. I guess you could say adult friendships are like plants. You need to care for them. A little bit of this and a little bit of that to keep things just right. So here are my top secrets to maintaining adult friendships. The benefits of friendship Friendships play a crucial role in our overall well-being and happiness. And that doesn’t change in adulthood. They provide us with a social support [...]

The Secrets to Maintaining Adult Friendships2023-10-09T16:48:39+11:00

A Grazing Table Shopping List To Feed A Crowd


The old bikkies and dip have come a long way since I was a kid. Now it’s all Instagram-worthy spreads, specialty cheese and the latest food trends. It goes by many names like grazing board, grazing table, grazing plate, grazing platter, charcuterie board, charcuterie table, and antipasto. But whatever you call it, it’s an easy way to feed a crowd and almost always looks too good to eat. A few months ago I went to a lunchtime birthday party where they had a large grazing table. There were quite a lot of adults at the party and I kept wondering [...]

A Grazing Table Shopping List To Feed A Crowd2023-10-16T13:29:24+11:00

How To Host A Clothing Swap


I love any excuse to get together with my friends and a clothing swap is no exception! I have this one close friend that I am always borrowing clothes from. I had one of her dresses for three years! Three years! I hope that at then end of your clothing swap you only own beautiful clothes. What is a clothing swap? A clothing swap can be a great way to get rid of some of your unwanted clothes and pick up some fresh ones without the financial outlay of new clothes. The concept of a clothing swap is based on [...]

How To Host A Clothing Swap2023-09-07T13:29:39+10:00

19 Girls Night Activities and Ideas For Your Next Night Off


Girls night activities are a great way to bond with your female friends and have fun. Whether you're looking for a relaxing evening at home or a night out on the town, there are plenty of options to choose from. Why have a girls night? A girls night is the best way to have a good time with your group of friends. It can be hard to enjoy a great night with your friends when everyone has different commitments. From partners, to work, to kids and other family members. Having a girls night can be a fun and enjoyable way [...]

19 Girls Night Activities and Ideas For Your Next Night Off2023-10-16T13:28:58+11:00

How To Have The Ultimate Girls Night


I started organising a monthly Girl's Night with my friends as a way to improve my relationships, a major focus for me in 2018. We all get busy with work, family, and other commitments. We often don’t make time to catch up with those that have been there for us. Life just gets away from you sometimes. So I decided I wanted to do something about it. In the last two years, most of my friends have had children. None of us has had much time for ourselves let alone time to catch up or have a night off. What is [...]

How To Have The Ultimate Girls Night2023-10-16T13:29:04+11:00

How to Get Out of Toxic Friendships (plus warning signs)


Breaking up with someone you love is a complicated process. But what's more difficult to comprehend is ending a friendship. When you consider the amount of history both of you share, you might feel tempted to stay put in a toxic relationship. That may mean putting up with a lot of drama, unhealthy events, and unnecessary competition. You may think it's a small price to pay for fear of finding out how your friend will react. Or worse, you might worry they will share your darkest secrets with the world. Regardless of your thoughts and fears, ending a toxic friendship [...]

How to Get Out of Toxic Friendships (plus warning signs)2023-02-08T12:49:36+11:00
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