Maxine’s Challenge week 2 is now over & I still don’t think I look any different. I haven’t jumped on the scales but I doubt they will have changed. I also haven’t been sore from working out which makes me think I have been slacking off in that department. I’ve still been working out every day according to the plan, but maybe not giving it the full 100%.
Maxine's Challenge Week 2
I have managed to drink more water each day, which I’m proud of. I had a pretty bad break out on my face this week too. Hopefully, that’s from the lack of sugar in my diet.

Every second Monday I go to my grandpa’s house for dinner. We often go out as he doesn’t like to cook anymore. This time we went to the RSL. I managed to find something on the menu that I thought was appropriate; Haloumi & dukkah salad. It had Haloumi cheese, bacon, asparagus & a poached egg.

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To keep things interesting I made tacos on Thursday night but I had mine without the taco shell or tortilla. I was surprised at how much I still enjoyed it. I had leftover taco salad for lunch on Friday. This is now probably one of my favourite meals. I could also hold off on the taco seasoning in the mincemeat to make it even healthier.

I went to a wedding on Saturday night but managed to avoid the nibblies before dinner and took a Burn bar just in case.

I’ve been trying to find different recipes because I hate anything plain or repetitive. I would choose anything else over plain chocolate or tomato sauce. Today I made some vegetarian quinoa chili to take to work for lunch this week, it made an impressive 7 serves so some of those will be going in the freezer.

Protein Mug Cake

Protein mug cake

Taco Salad

Taco Salad

Spinach Omlette

Spinach omelette

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