The only place you need to search for the perfect drink for your next girl’s night. Whether it’s a bachelorette party, a movie night or just quality time building a female friendship, these drinks are sure to take your girls’ night to the next level.

Before you even look at new recipes, you will need some basic tools and equipment to make even the simplest drinks.

Or try cocktail kits that have everything you need. And don’t forget the ice cubes!

Are you ready for this giant list of fabulous cocktails that will help you find the perfect cocktail for ladies’ night?

Classic Mocktails

Just like there are classic cocktails, there are classic non-alcoholic equivalents.

Safe Sex on the Beach – What a name! Who would not want to try refreshing safe sex on the beach on a hot day?

Margarita – A refreshing no alcohol drink you can make in your blender at home.

Pornstar Martini – With a bold passion fruit flavour and silky smooth texture from the apple juice. the virgin pornstar martini never fails to impress.

Banana Daiquiri – A tropical favourite that even the kids can enjoy. This recipe is gluten-free, vegan and sugar-free and is ready in minutes with the help of a blender.

Piña Colada – With three simple ingredients found at the supermarket, you can share this virgin Pina colada with everyone.

Mimosa – Make non-alcoholic mimosas right at home with just two ingredients. A fruity and refreshing alternative to the Bruch of baby shower staple.

Long Island Ice Tea – This Long Island iced tea mocktail is made with black tea bags, lemon and ginger beer. It’s an easy drink to serve as a summer drink at barbecues and parties. And super easy to double or triple the recipe to quench anyone’s thirst.

Mojito – A light, refreshing, healthy spin on a classic cocktail, this mojito mocktail is made with fresh mint, lime, and club soda with a hint of natural sweetness. It’s simple, easy, quick, and suitable for kids and adults!

Cosmopolitan – The perfect non-alcoholic option for everyone to have on New Year’s Eve. This Cranberry Cosmopolitan mocktail is perfect for kids or anyone looking for a drink without alcohol.

Moscow Mule – Not every mixed drink must contain alcohol. Whether you’re mixing up drinks for your underage guests or just need a break from the adult beverages, quality and fun should not be sacrificed. What better mocktail to mix up than a virgin Moscow mule?

Bloody Mary – A delicious non-alcoholic version of the classic brunch cocktail drink made with a combination of fresh vegetables, lemon and tomato juice, vegan Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, and fresh olives.


While anything without alcohol can be considered a mocktail, why not make it fun with different ingredients and

Miami Vice – A delicious combination of Pina Colada and Strawberry Daiquiri that the kids can also enjoy.

Blue Lagoon – The bright bright blue colour and the citrusy flavour is the perfect mocktail for warmer months.

Rhubarb – Making the most of seasonal vegetables, a Rhubarb cocktail has the perfect amount of sweetness from a honey simple syrup.

Pineapple Peach Mojito – Made with mint leaves and lime juice it has all of the flavours of classic mojito flavours with a few delicious extras like diced peaches, pineapple juice and sparkling ice water.

Dirty Banana – A Caribbean-inspired mocktail that is the perfect refreshing treat for dessert, at a BBQ, or simply when you need a little taste of island life.

Agua Fresca – Translated as “cool water,” or literally “freshwater” – is one of the quintessential Mexican fruity drinks.

Spiced Orange Ginger Ale – A refreshing chilled drink to enjoy during the winter. The fizzy bubbles, citrus, and spice make this drink nice for the whole family.

Kiwi Juice – Such a delicious and different take on fruit juices.

Classic Cocktails

There is no shortage of classic cocktails. So it was hard to narrow it down to a few. But here are some of my favourites.

Mai Tai – A classic Mai Tai recipe is a strong cocktail, with a refreshing citrus and rum flavour that isn’t overly sweet.

Bellini – The classic Bellini cocktail is made with only two ingredients, peaches and Prosecco. An Italian drink that is perfect for brunch or as an aperitif. Salute!

Margarita – Do you know how to make a good margarita? It’s so easy and all you need are a few ingredients to make the best recipe.

Amoretto Sour – If you’re an amaretto connoisseur, you really should have already tried an Amaretto Sour cocktail. It has the perfect balance of sweet and savoury using amaretto, bourbon, and a surprise ingredient.

Martini – Shaken or stirred? Whichever way you like your dirty Martini, you’ll be treated to a bold cocktail. It’s strong, salty, and briny, with alluring cloudiness and garnished with olives, this is a cocktail that doesn’t mess around.

French 75 – A classic French 75 cocktail is one of my go-to special occasion drinks. It’s bubbly, light, refreshing, and served in a champagne flute with a lemon twist.

Mojito – The Mojito is one of those classic cocktails that’s simply amazing. To make it easy, this fabulous Mojito recipe uses simple syrup. It’s filled with fresh mint leaves, fresh lime wedges and club soda to make the perfect mojito.

Piña Colada – Bring this tropical cocktail home from your holiday and into your home with a luxury beach resort bartender’s piña colada recipe.

Moscow Mule – Nothing beats the heat like an icy cold cocktail. And this easy three-ingredient Moscow mule recipe will have your thirst quenched in no time!

Rum Cocktails

If there is one thing that you notice about these fun drinks, it will be almost all of them can be described as tropical.

POG Juice – If you have travelled to Hawaii, you probably have tried POG. POG juice is a delicious blend of passion fruit juice, orange juice, and guava juice that just screams tropical. 

Mardi Gras Hurricane – A fruity cocktail that’s light, and boozy, this fun drink is great for parties. This highly-addictive tropical punch-coloured drink is sure to get the Mardi Gras party started.

Tipsy Mermaid – The flavours of tropical fruit and rum combine to create a cocktail that will have you dreaming of white sand beaches and umbrellas in no time.

Malibu Sunset – A tropical cocktail made with pineapple juice, coconut rum, and homemade grenadine syrup for the perfect summer drink.

Ocean Water – A fruity, sweet concoction made with coconut water, pineapple juice, blue curacao, and coconut rum. This ocean water cocktail will immediately transport you to the beach or luxury hotel pool party.

Hawaiian Watermelon Hammer – Watermelon Smash rum steals the spotlight in this drink recipe.

Beach Please Martini – It’s a super easy, fruity summer cocktail that’s sweet and colourful. It’s perfect if your goal is summer entertaining.

Pirate Booty – Bermuda’s national drink, this irresistible rum cocktail is a deliciously refreshing blend of rum, bitters, and fruit juices.

Chocolate Caramel Apple – What a perfect pairing of chocolate and caramel to make this cocktail sweet, crisp and so smooth! 

Mango Mojito – My favourite rum drink, a mojito is the perfect pairing with almost any fruit.

Vodka Cocktails

Vodka is one of those classic staple spirits that many people have on hand at home. And there are a number of different flavoured vodkas on the market. You name it you can probably buy it.

The Rory – AKA the Gilmore Girls cocktail, is a very colourful drink featuring pineapple vodka, grenadine and champagne or Prosecco served in a martini glass.

Purple Rain – A bright and colourful cocktail that’s perfect for ladies night cocktails.

Strawberry Mudslide – A pretty pastel colour makes this the perfect creamy cocktail for date nights or Valentine’s Day.

Salted Caramel Espresso Martini – Rich, yet sweet and also creamy, this cocktail is ready to perk you up.

Salty Dog – Fresh is best when it comes to a Salty Dog and fresh grapefruit juice is what you’ll need.

Lavender Lemon Drop – A perfect balance of sweet and sour that’s best served super cold.

Rhubarb Collins – Created with rhubarb-infused vodka and rhubarb simple syrup, you can’t miss that unique rhubarb taste.

Blue Cosmopolitan – Just as easy to make as a traditional Cosmopolitan and tastes quite similar.

Crème Brûlée – A dessert in the form of a drink? Yes, please.

Gin Cocktails

For a long time, gin was considered an old-persons drink. But the best part is – that’s no longer the case. Anyone and everyone can enjoy gin, you just need to find the right flavour combinations for you.

Gin and Jam – Jam? In a cocktail? Now that’s something I’ve nerve had before.

Yuzu – A classic drink with an Asian twist, it gives any drink or dish this incredibly fragrant flavour, giving the impression that you spent so much time concocting this recipe.

Gin Tiki – Bursting with tiki flavours and the perfect drink for your next BBQ, picnic, or summer get-together.

Blackberry Bramble – An easy bramble cocktail that is a refreshing drink for any day of the week, whether it is an evening drink or a late afternoon cocktail.

French Gimlet – The best cocktails are simple, yet elegant. With just three ingredients the French Gimlet certainly falls into this category.

Strawberry Basil – Made with fresh strawberries, aromatic basil, tart lime, tonic water and your favourite gin.

Lillet –  A mix of lemon and lime juice is the perfect combination to bring together the gin with the warmer flavours of the Lillet Rosé

Wine Cocktails

While sangria makes up most of the wine cocktail recipes, you can’t go past mimosas and other light and pink cocktails.

Sparkling Pear – After tasting this delicious cocktail you’ll be making it again and again.

Pineapple Mimosa – A tropical twist on a classic mimosa.

Rossini – Light and fresh, made with fresh strawberry puree and Prosecco.

Rose Sangria – Refreshing and sweet, we love all of the fresh fruit in it, and a pitcher is ready in as little as minutes.

Chambord and Champagne – It’s a take on a Kir Royale that you’re sure to love.

Watermelon Rosé Slushie – Grab a glass and enjoy this refreshing drink with sweet watermelon and rosé!

Peach Bellini – A go-to summer drink recipe perfect for a small party or even a rare date-night in.

Hugo – Elderflower syrup, mint and limes make it a perfect refreshment and combined with some prosecco and sparkling water make it the perfect bubbly cocktail for your BBQ party or picnic.

Themed or Holiday cocktails

Nothing beats a fun holiday-themed cocktail to get the conversation started.

Grasshopper – The classic Grasshopper Cocktail made with Creme de Menthe, Creme de Cocoa and heavy cream is still a favourite and would make a tasty drink for your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations!

Boozy Butterbeer – An adult version of Harry Potter’s favourite drink, this sweet, creamy, bubbly, and potent Boozy Butterbeer is a cocktail Madame Rosmerta of the Three Broomsticks would be proud to serve! There are also instructions for hot butterbeer, frozen butterbeer, and a non-alcoholic butterbeer recipe, too.

Holiday Cheer Wassail – Enjoying a warm glass of red wine with the seasonings of the holidays will warm your body and soul. The bright and tantalizing flavours are delicious and perfect for this time of year.

Christmas Morning Sunrise – Enjoy the festivities of Christmas morning with a delicious cranberry cocktail that you can make ahead.

Lazy Hot Spiked Apple Cider – A tasty and seasonally spiced hot drink that is perfect for everything from an evening around the fire pit to sitting in your pj’s watching a movie to a holiday dinner with friends and family.

Pumpkin Pie – An iconic fall flavour that you probably wouldn’t consider putting in a cocktail.

Grinch Punch – This Grinch Punch is an easy Christmas drink for kids inspired by How the Grinch Stole Christmas from Dr. Seuss. It’s fun, festive, delicious, and sure to make a great conversation piece at your holiday gathering.

Cranberry Apple Sangria – Packed with fruity red wine, fragrant apple cider, tart cranberry juice, fresh apples and cranberries, citrus and cinnamon plus a bit of booze for a kick.

Unusual Flavoured Cocktails

If you’re after a colourful drink with some unusual flavours or ingredients, these cocktails will have your tongue wagging.

Tootsie Roll – Oloroso sherry, bourbon, generous amounts of chocolate bitters, and an orange twist combine to make a cocktail that is definitely reminiscent of the classic tootsie roll.

Frozen Raspberry Cheesecake – Smooth and creamy this frozen raspberry cheesecake is delicious with or without alcohol. It’s also classed as a  keto cocktail.

Jolly Rancher – Relive your childhood in a grownup way with this green apple Jolly Rancher cocktail. It’s an adult spin on a favourite candy. This popular Jolly Rancher drink also makes a great St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas or Halloween cocktail.

CBD Appletini – No guesses for the surprise ingredient here. A dash of flavoured CBD oil adds a fun twist.

Pink Starburst Shots – A sweet, creamy, and fruity shot that tastes just like strawberry starburst candy!

Margarita Cocktails

Hands down, the best type of cocktail. And there are so many great drinks that come from the base of a margarita. Whether you like yours frozen or not, there is a flavour to suit your tastes.

Traditional Margarita – A classic cocktail made from tequila, orange liqueur, and freshly squeezed lime juice.

Frozen Margarita – Blend up this refreshing cocktail with just four ingredients.

Raspberry – With the zip and zing of freshly squeezed lime juice and a blush thanks to the fresh raspberries. It’s a fruity twist on a classic margarita.

Cucumber – Refreshingly served on the rocks and simple enough to make one or a whole pitcher.

Orange Vanilla – Reminiscent of a creamsicle, these small batch Orange Vanilla Margaritas are made with fresh orange juice, lime juice, and vanilla bean.

Cherry Lime – If you’ve never had cherry and lime together you are missing out.

Italian – Touted as the cool older sister to the traditional margarita, Amaretto steals the show.

Frozen Cherry – Ticking all the boxes: sweet, salty, tart, ice-cold, and boozy.

Blue – If you’re looking for colourful cocktails that will impress friends and family, then this is the one for you!

Mango Coconut – Escape to paradise with both tequila and virgin options.

Grapefruit – Just when you thought margaritas couldn’t get any better! Made with sparkling grapefruit juice, tequila, triple sec, lime juice, and a splash of pomegranate juice for added sweetness and tang!

Pumpkin Spice – Let’s face it, pumpkin spice is everywhere. Now it’s in your margarita.

Beer – It’s easy to tailor this beer margarita to your tastes. Simply pick a beer you love.

Hibiscus – Refreshing, vibrant, and deliciously made with homemade hibiscus syrup and garnished with a decadent hibiscus margarita salt.

Other Cocktails

And if you are left wanting more, here are some other cocktails that don’t fall into any of the categories above.

Cantaritos – Cantaritos is a popular Mexican cocktail recipe made with tequila, citrus fruits, salt, and bubbly grapefruit soda. Each one is sweet, tangy, and incredibly refreshing

Strawberry Soju – The perfect cocktail for Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, a spring party, a summer gathering, or just because you deserve it.

Tropical Cake – If piña coladas and cake had a baby.

Paloma Fizz – Blanco tequila, fresh grapefruit and lime juice mixed with agave sweetener and sparkling water creates this delightful thirst quencher.

Bloody Maria – A festive twist on the classic Bloody Mary. Instead of vodka, this cocktail is made with silver tequila which has a smooth taste balanced with flavours of vanilla, caramel, and smoked oak.

Paper Plane – The perfect girly drink for the bourbon lover.

Gold Rush – A simple and delicious cocktail with a classic cocktail vibe.

Vanilla Fig Old Fashioned – Make this year-round with fresh or dried figs, whatever is in season for you.

Kentucky Buck – If you are a fan of fruity cocktails, you definitely need to give this Ginger Peach Kentucky Buck a try.

Ranch Water – Make no mistake, there is no water in this ranch water, hard liquor only.

St Germain – Elderberry liqueur and champagne might sound unusual, but I promise it’s not.

Creamsicle – With Galliano and Triple Sec, this cocktail is super creamy and tastes just like your favourite childhood dessert.

Blackberry Bourbon Smash – A berry twist on the classic Mint Julep. It’s made with muddled mint, juicy blackberries, and lemon wedges then shaken with a generous splash of oaky bourbon.

Wow what a list! If you can’t find a cocktail here, you won’t find it anywhere. But I wish you luck on your quest.


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