The Parcel Winter 2015


The Parcel Winter edition is jam-packed with so many useful items, my favourite being the nail polish remover. RELATED: The Parcel: Spring 2015 Body Woolworths Select - Nail Polish Removal Wipes When I saw this in the parcel I was a tad annoyed, it is a $2 product from the supermarket! But now that I have tried it there is a really good chance that I will purchase it. There are quite a few wipes in the tiny package (30 according to the label) but they are a little difficult to separate from each other, like those paper plates at [...]

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May Bellabox


The May Bellabox collaborated with PopSugar & the theme was Sugar Fix. The front of the info card is a highlight & contour cheat sheet because everyone was guaranteed to get a highlight or contour pencil. Tracking email received: Monday May 18 Package received: Wednesday May 20 (again it was sent to another post office for collection) Chella - Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil This pencil, either in highlight or contour, was guaranteed in each box. I was unsure originally which I would prefer as I don't have a highlight/contour routine. The pencil goes onto the skin quite easily but I find it quite [...]

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April Bellabox


The April Bellabox theme was Mindful Beauty. This month's products are all about natural (and often organic) skin make up. I feel like they are just jumping on the bandwagon here & the blog post with the theme details uses words like natural, green, organic, vegan, philosophy & passion. Tracking email received: Monday, April 23 Package received: Monday, April 27 (I tried to pick it up on Saturday but as it was ANZAC day they were closed) Nivea Lip Butter - Vanilla & Macadamia I was quite a sceptic about this. I find a lot of brands don't actual moisturise my lips, [...]

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March Bellabox


The March Bellabox theme was '#Selfie'. What that means for the content of this months box, I don't know. BellaBox is running a competition with Stabilo (one of the brands included in the box) so to enter you need to post a selfie with a certain hashtag using the Stabilo product. Tracking email received: Monday, March 23 Package received: Tuesday, March 24 Colour Theory - Eye Pencil in black I'm not going to open this because I have enough black eyeliners that I barely use. I will see if my mum wants it. I'm sure its great and I'm sorry I can't [...]

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The Parcel Autumn 2015


I really look forward to receiving this parcel every three months! As far as value for money goes, I think The Parcel Autumn is top notch. RELATED: The Parcel: Winter 2015 Body Mor - Snow Gardenia Triple Milled Soap I opened the parcel to a burst of delightful flowery smells, this being the culprit. Lucky for me I use soap in the shower and actually have quite a collection going. Unlucky for me I just started a new one a few days before this arrived but it will be the next to enter the shower with me once my current soap runs [...]

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February Bellabox


The February Bellabox theme was ‘Beauty School’ with three different women's magazines curating a box each that included a copy of the magazine. I was lucky enough to receive an email about selecting which box I wanted. Unlucky for me I forgot which box I elected. As each box contained a different magazine, along with different products, they also all have different on sale dates. I made my selection based on the magazine & the bonus Essie Nail Colour in each box. Tracking email received: Friday, February 20 Package received: Thursday, February 26 I had some drama with the post office too. After receiving [...]

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January Bellabox


No surprises that the theme for the January Bellabox was "Kick Start" with it being the best time to change old habits & be better all around. I think some of these items fit really well with the theme & am happy to report I like this box an awful lot more than last month. Tracking email received: Monday January 19 Package received: Thursday January 22 (delivery was attempted on January 21 but I wasn't home) BellaBox - makeup pouch Everyone was set to get one of these in the January Bellabox. It is a bit smaller in person than [...]

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December Bellabox


I really was hoping for something extra special to appear in the December Bellabox box, but what a letdown! Four skin care products, one make up item and one hair care item that is actually for curly hair, which I don't have. Tracking email received: Tuesday, December 16 Package received: Saturday, December 20 (delivery was attempted on December 19 but I wasn't home)   Elizabeth Mott - It's So Big Mascara I think I have found the (almost) perfect mascara! This goes on so beautifully, I rarely have to remove smudges from my eyelid afterwards. It isn't clumpy. It actually [...]

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The Parcel Summer 2014


The Parcel Summer edition had quite a few more products than the last one. I'm still using quite a few products from the Spring edition, so I had high hopes for this one! I was not let down, plenty of full size products and a wide variety of products from a variety of price points. RELATED: The Parcel Autumn 2015 Hair John Frieda - Luxurious Volume Touchably Full Shampoo and Conditioner and Blow Out Spray The shampoo is clear. The conditioner feels light weight in my hands and was very easy to distribute through the ends of my hair. I've [...]

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November Bellabox


The November Bellabox theme was ‘Dusk til Dawn’ with products to suit both those that party the night away or have a quiet night in. BellaBox had a great response to the sneak peak & promised a sample of the Coastal Scents Revealed eyeshadow palette would appear in each person's box.  Tracking email received: Monday, November 17 Package received: Tuesday, November 18   Coastal Scents - Revealed Palette Sampler Initially, I am a bit disappointed by the size. Seeing the sample size in photos on Instagram lead me to believe that it would be bigger. Maybe even 1 inch square for [...]

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