The Parcel Autumn 2015I really look forward to receiving this parcel every three months! As far as value for money goes, I think The Parcel Autumn is top notch.
Photo 15-03-2015 4 13 12 pm

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Photo 11-03-2015 7 39 58 am


Photo 15-03-2015 4 08 33 pmMor – Snow Gardenia Triple Milled Soap

I opened the parcel to a burst of delightful flowery smells, this being the culprit. Lucky for me I use soap in the shower and actually have quite a collection going. Unlucky for me I just started a new one a few days before this arrived but it will be the next to enter the shower with me once my current soap runs out. It smells like sweet gardenia flowers. My mum has gardenias at her house so I have always loved their delicate smell.

Photo 15-03-2015 4 08 40 pmL’Occitane – Hand Cream in Shea Butter

This is a rich, moisturising hand cream with a very subtle scent. I don’t normally use hand cream as I find myself washing it off soon after applying because my hands feel greasy. I will see how long this lasts & will donate it to my mum if I find I don’t use it much.

Photo 15-03-2015 4 08 59 pmShick – Hydro Silk Razor

I probably wont actually use this as I have a waterproof battery operated shaver that I normally use. I will certainly give it to someone that can use it though!


Photo 15-03-2015 4 12 30 pmGarnier Skin Naturals – Miracle Skin Cream

Miracle is not enough to describe this product. Firstly, it smells like all other Garnier skin products, I love the brand consistency there. The cream inside the tube is a yellow/white colour but changes to match your complexion when you rub it on to your face. I am absolutely amazed and will probably buy this product to use in the future. I think it makes a great tinted moisturiser that looks like a hint of foundation. It gives me a slight tan, but it looks natural & is easy to blend around my jaw and hair line.

Photo 15-03-2015 4 09 07 pmNeutrogen – Make-Up Remover Cleansing Towelettes

I know these are fantastic because I got a sample in my February BellaBox & am glad to have some more on hand. If you missed my first review of them, they remove all your make up & moisturise your face at the same time.

Photo 18-03-2015 7 36 45 pmMax Factor – Masterpiece Transform mascara

Since receiving this sample I have used it every day. I love that it isn’t waterproof, so it’s easy to remove. I don’t like any other mascaras I have tried that have plastic bristles but this one is different. You can see spots on the wand where there are no bristles and I assume it is angled to suit using it on different parts of the lash from upper to lower, to inner and outer edges.

Photo 15-03-2015 4 08 51 pmRimmel – BB Cream in Medium

I’m actually quite surprised by this too. Normally when I get products that are ‘medium’ they are too dark for me even in the summer, but this seems to be a pretty good match. It is a little shiny so I will probably have to set it with something but it’s nice to know I can use this if I want a bit coverage than the Garnier Miracle cream can provide. For some reason this BB cream smells like perfume to me.

Photo 15-03-2015 4 09 32 pmLancôme – Advanced Génifique

This comes as a dropper and the instructions say to use three drops. I was quite amazed to see how far the three drops went, I managed to do my whole face. It smells like the other Lancôme products I have tried and will probably last a little while too.


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