BellaBox July

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For my birthday I got a 1-year subscription to BellaBox. Each month I get a box of 5-6 make-up & beauty samples shipped straight to my door to try. The July Bellabox theme was American Beauty. What that really means, I’m not too sure. I think at least one of the products is meant to be from an American brand.

The Balm – How ‘Bout Them Apples?

This is my favourite product from this box. It provides a nice subtle colour to my lips & cheeks without being glossy or feeling too much like glycerin. It will be good for those days when I just need a pop of colour. I’ve been meaning to get a red coloured lipstick or something similar to wear as I don’t actually have any lipsticks!

DermaDoctor – DD Cream

Unfortunately, as it’s winter & my skin is a bit pale at the moment. I might have to wait a while before getting to use this one properly. I did test it around the house, it looked a bit greasy on my face, perhaps I will need to try it with a powder.

Designer Brands – Paw Paw Plus
I got both a regular & lip version of this although the ingredients are the same. The lip one has an applicator on the end. It’s been sitting on my bedside table & I put someone as I hop into bed. Harley found it & gnawed on it a little. I don’t think he managed to break through the plastic so I haven’t decided if I will keep using it. There isn’t much use for the other tube, as I carry Lucas’ brand paw paw ointment in my bag. I might give it to my sister in law who is expecting a baby as I’ve heard its good for nappy rash.

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Om She Aromatherapy – Dusting Powder
This dusting powder is a dark red colour with blue glitter. It’s very pigmented  & goes on nicely but the glitter just goes everywhere. I had it on my cheeks, in my eyebrows & on my forehead. The info card in the box suggested putting it on with a wet brush, so I think that might help contain some of the glitter.

Natralus Pure 100% Aloe Vera Gel
This is like most aloe vera gels, goes on smoothly & is absorbed pretty quick. Unusual that it appears in the July Bellabox, it’s more of a summer product I would have thought.

Thoughts on July Bellabox

I don’t think I will buy the full size of any of the samples from this month, nothing really tickles my fancy that much. I’m really looking forward to the August box!!

The box is the perfect size for me to put all my tax receipts in. I’m currently using a card box that is just a little bit too small. I’m sure I will find something for all the future boxes, if not they will go in the recycling bin.


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