BellaBox NovemberThe November Bellabox theme was ‘Dusk til Dawn’ with products to suit both those that party the night away or have a quiet night in. BellaBox had a great response to the sneak peak & promised a sample of the Coastal Scents Revealed eyeshadow palette would appear in each person’s box.

 Tracking email received: Monday, November 17

Package received: Tuesday, November 18


Coastal Scents – Revealed Palette Sampler

Initially, I am a bit disappointed by the size. Seeing the sample size in photos on Instagram lead me to believe that it would be bigger. Maybe even 1 inch square for each colour but it’s probably only 1cm square. It also looks like everyone may have got different colours in their sample pack. I got a yellow beige, pale pink, medium brown & dark brown. After the first use, I was not impressed as the colour didn’t seem to go on my eyelids very well. But it must have because when I removed my make up there was a lot of colour that came off. I have since tried it a few more times & my opinion has improved.

NYX – Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk

I have been meaning to buy a white eyeliner for a little while now & am so glad I don’t have to! This works great as a base eyeshadow to make colours really pop & to line the waterline making eyes appear brighter. I’ve used it several times now & it goes on nice & thick

Nuxe – Huile Produgieuse Or

I loved the Nuxe night cream from the box so I’m curious to see how this works. Although it kind of smells like an old lady, it smells like a Nuxe product. It leaves a nice shimmer & doesn’t feel oily at all.

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Wella Professional – Reconstructive Elixir

From the packaging, I couldn’t tell this is a Wella Professional product, or even that it was a hair product. But whoa! This smells amazing! It smells like a raspberry hair product. It’s not greasy & left my hair feeling light & silky.  I will certainly consider buying this product when my argan oil runs out.

Palmers – Multi-Effect Perfecting Facial Oil

This is certainly a product to use in the morning or at some stage during the day, not right before bed! I find my pillowcase can get oily so I do my best to avoid putting oily things on my face right before I go to bed. This smells absolutely amazing, goes on lightly & doesn’t feel oily at all. I did find that by the end of the day my face was a bit shiny on my forehead & cheeks (just below my eyes).

Compede – Blister Patch
This would have come in handy after The Bloody Long Walk but my blisters from that still don’t seem to be healing properly.

Thoughts on November Bellabox

A lot of small samples this month, most of which will probably get lost in the bathroom.


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