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Book Review: Strong Looks Better Naked by Khloé Kardashian


Part self-help book, part memoir and part diet and exercise guide, Strong Looks Better Naked by Khloe Kardashian provides practical advice and personal anecdotes in this inspiring book. I had to wait a little while for Strong Looks Better Naked to become available at the library. But I didn't mind waiting. I get an email notification when something is ready for me to collect, which is one of the reasons why I love my library. The book features three parts. Each covers a specific area of your life; body, mind, and heart. If you’re not excited about your life, it’s up to you [...]

Book Review: Strong Looks Better Naked by Khloé Kardashian2024-03-14T11:26:05+11:00

The Parcel Autumn 2017


Apologies, I have been so slack with the Parcel Autumn edition. I forgot to take a photo of the outside packaging before I disposed of it. I took way too long to try everything. Then I took even longer to sit down to write about it. FACE Burt's Bees - Lip Crayon 100% Natural I do quite like the few Burts Bees products I have tried & this is no exception. The colour is a good match for me, it looks quite natural. The only let down is it smell quite waxy, like a crayon. Biore - Baking Soda Scrub [...]

The Parcel Autumn 20172018-09-15T12:13:54+10:00

The Parcel Summer 2016


FACE Nude by Nature - Sheer Glow BB Cream I really liked the Nude by Nature mineral powder in the Spring Parcel so I was expecting good things. But I was a little disappointed. The colour match is great but I am yet top find a BB Cream that isn’t patchy. It has also left my face shiny, so I will have to use a powder on top. Nip+Fab - Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads I don't recall having tried anything glycolic before. After using these pads for a few days in a row my face does feel a bit [...]

The Parcel Summer 20162018-09-15T12:30:51+10:00

The Parcel Spring 2016


I have been so slack in getting The Parcel Spring review organised. I've waited for ages to try most of the products and now that I am watermarking my photos it seems like such a chore. FACE The Body Shop – Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask I was expecting a thick cream-like mask however it was quite runny. There were chunks of what appeared to be seaweed, which I found odd. Overall it left my face feeling smooth & clean. Nude by Nature – Natural Mineral Cover This is my favourite product from this parcel. The shade is a tad [...]

The Parcel Spring 20162018-09-15T13:18:33+10:00

The Parcel: Winter 2016


The Parcel Winter has quite a few full-size products! Face Burt's Bees - Tinted Lip Balm I got a Burt's Bees lip balm in a subscription box a little while ago & I actually don't mind it. I keep it by my bed and usually put it on before I leave the house and before I jump into bed. I'm not sure I will be using the tinted version before bed, but I have been using it before I leave the house. Garnier - Wake Up Cream I have sampled a few Garnier face creams in the past but I [...]

The Parcel: Winter 20162018-09-15T13:57:08+10:00

The Parcel Autumn 2016


I was honestly a little sad that there were only 6 products in The Parcel Autumn, after the last Parcel had so much in it. RELATED: The Parcel: Winter 2016 Body OPI Nail Lacquer - Embrace-Dare Ya! If I were to describe this colour to someone I'd call it red Chinese satin. It reminds me of the Chinese style dresses & tops that are made of satin. I actually have one, although it's blue & I am pretty sure it was from Taiwan. I was surprised to see that once I had put two coats of this on my nails it appeared [...]

The Parcel Autumn 20162018-09-15T12:20:00+10:00

Book Review: Life and Death


As soon as I discovered Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined I knew that I had to read it. This is the Special Edition for the 10th anniversary. It is the original Twilight but the with the genders reversed. So the human is the male & the vampire is the female. The foreword mentions that this was mostly to dispel the thoughts the Bella wasn’t a damsel in distress but rather a human in distress. I didn’t actually have to wait very long for it to become available at the library. Likewise, it didn’t take me very long to read, nine [...]

Book Review: Life and Death2023-09-18T17:30:59+10:00

The Parcel Summer 2015


This edition of The Parcel Summer is absolutely overflowing with products! I am blown away at the number of products, a total of 11 (counting the shampoo and conditioner as one) plus there is such a variety in the type of products. RELATED: The Parcel: Autumn 2016 Face Paula's Choice - Vitamin C Spot Treatment I haven't had much of a chance to try this out yet. I always forget about it and am pretty conscious of putting layer upon layer of product on my face at any time of the day. I'm also concerned about putting vitamin C on [...]

The Parcel Summer 20152018-09-15T12:56:10+10:00

The Parcel Spring 2015


I actually had some drama relating to this box of the parcel Spring. Shipping was to be anywhere from September 7 -23 so I waited patiently for my parcel. All other times I have received it about a week after the first shipment. After having nothing on September 26, I submitted an enquiry through the online form on the parcel.com.au asking to follow up on my parcel. Two days after this I got an incredibly generic email asking me to patiently wait a further 14 business days from the date of that email for delivery. Then on October 6, I [...]

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June Bellabox


The June Bellabox theme was 'Winter Warrior' with the idea to brighten up winter with a pop of colour. It was revealed that everyone would receive a lip tint stick. Tracking email received: I didn't actually get one Package received: Wednesday, June 17 This is actually my last Bellabox too as I received a one-year subscription for my birthday last year. There are many reasons why I have chosen not to renew my subscription, in no particular order: I will be paying for it (it was a gift last year) the price has increased (to cover postage costs) lack of variety [...]

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The Parcel Winter 2015


The Parcel Winter edition is jam-packed with so many useful items, my favourite being the nail polish remover. RELATED: The Parcel: Spring 2015 Body Woolworths Select - Nail Polish Removal Wipes When I saw this in the parcel I was a tad annoyed, it is a $2 product from the supermarket! But now that I have tried it there is a really good chance that I will purchase it. There are quite a few wipes in the tiny package (30 according to the label) but they are a little difficult to separate from each other, like those paper plates at [...]

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May Bellabox


The May Bellabox collaborated with PopSugar & the theme was Sugar Fix. The front of the info card is a highlight & contour cheat sheet because everyone was guaranteed to get a highlight or contour pencil. Tracking email received: Monday May 18 Package received: Wednesday May 20 (again it was sent to another post office for collection) Chella - Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil This pencil, either in highlight or contour, was guaranteed in each box. I was unsure originally which I would prefer as I don't have a highlight/contour routine. The pencil goes onto the skin quite easily but I find it quite [...]

May Bellabox2018-10-14T15:47:10+11:00

April Bellabox


The April Bellabox theme was Mindful Beauty. This month's products are all about natural (and often organic) skin make up. I feel like they are just jumping on the bandwagon here & the blog post with the theme details uses words like natural, green, organic, vegan, philosophy & passion. Tracking email received: Monday, April 23 Package received: Monday, April 27 (I tried to pick it up on Saturday but as it was ANZAC day they were closed) Nivea Lip Butter - Vanilla & Macadamia I was quite a sceptic about this. I find a lot of brands don't actual moisturise my lips, [...]

April Bellabox2018-10-14T15:46:36+11:00

March Bellabox


The March Bellabox theme was '#Selfie'. What that means for the content of this months box, I don't know. BellaBox is running a competition with Stabilo (one of the brands included in the box) so to enter you need to post a selfie with a certain hashtag using the Stabilo product. Tracking email received: Monday, March 23 Package received: Tuesday, March 24 Colour Theory - Eye Pencil in black I'm not going to open this because I have enough black eyeliners that I barely use. I will see if my mum wants it. I'm sure its great and I'm sorry I can't [...]

March Bellabox2018-10-14T16:01:03+11:00
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