The February Bellabox theme was ‘Beauty School’ with three different women’s magazines curating a box each that included a copy of the magazine. I was lucky enough to receive an email about selecting which box I wanted. Unlucky for me I forgot which box I elected. As each box contained a different magazine, along with different products, they also all have different on sale dates. I made my selection based on the magazine & the bonus Essie Nail Colour in each box.
BellaBox February
Photo 28-02-2015 2 38 03 pm

Tracking email received: Friday, February 20
Package received: Thursday, February 26

Photo 28-02-2015 2 36 31 pm

I had some drama with the post office too. After receiving the tracking email, I keep checking back to see if there has been any progress. I checked it on Monday night around 9pm & it had been marked as delivered at 5:12pm. Obviously I didn’t have it nor did I have a collection card. I went up to the distribution centre Tuesday morning to find out what was going on. After about 10 minutes of investigation it turns out a new delivery driver had marked the whole van worth of packages as delivered! I was told it was due for delivery later that day. I still didn’t have anything when I got home from work on Tuesday and decided to give them another day to figure it out. Wednesday didn’t provide any results so I went back to the distribution centre Thursday morning where it was waiting for me.

Photo 28-02-2015 2 32 41 pm

Essie Nail Colour – Hide & Go Chic

I would call this a medium blue, but it also reminds me of denim. They seem to have change both the formula & brush in this nail polish. The brush is now flat, which makes it so much easier to use, although I didn’t notice it at first. The first coat wasn’t very opaque, it looked like I’d used water based paint! The second coat solidified the colour & gave a much better finish than other Essie Nail Colours I have used before.

Photo 28-02-2015 2 33 47 pm

Indio – Multi V Serum

This is a clear watery gel that doesn’t seem to have a smell. A little bit goes a quite long way & I can see that the small tube will last quite a long time.

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Photo 28-02-2015 2 33 31 pm

Gatineau – Collagene Expert Ultimate Soothing Cream

This smells like rose water & looks like a rose coloured gel. I first tested this at night & was worried my face would stick to my pillow so I only used it on my forehead. It was a bit sticky but it soaked in after a few minutes. I;m excited to see what the results after after a few more uses as it contains collagen & elastin which are great anti-wrinkle ingredients.

Photo 28-02-2015 2 36 14 pm

Nutrogena – Make-up Remover Cleansing Towlettes

These smell like old ladies to me but at the same time they smell like they would be gentle on your face. I tested one out after a day at the office with a face full of pressed powder, a lick of mascara & a generous coat of bright lip colour. I only needed one towelette to get all of that off & it left me feeling fresh, like I had just washed my face first thing in the morning.

Photo 28-02-2015 2 33 58 pm

Aveno – Daily Moisturizing Lotion

I’m honestly a little annoyed to see this brand again. I’m sure I’ve had a sample before & now I just feel like its being pushed on to me. It does the job as good as any other body moisturiser.

Photo 28-02-2015 2 34 28 pm

Kerastase Paris – Nutritive Nectar Thermique

From what I can tell, this is a heat protection agent, although it is hard to tell from the name & packaging. It could also be a conditioning type product. I rarely use heat on my hair, I prefer to let it air dry.


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