Cactus Skincare

After missing out on a sample of Cactus Skincare White Clay Mask in the September BellaBox, I had a look at their website to see that they offer a sample set of their range delivered to you. So I placed my order, completing the skin type profile and the samples arrived in less than a week.

I was a bit confused when I opened the packaged but was very impressed with it all. The smell was wonderful and I found it all very thoughtful. About a day after I received the package I got an email with a regimen tailored to my needs detailing how, when and how often to use each product.

Cactus Skincare

Lemon Myrtle Cleanser
when – morning and night
uses – about a week if used once a day
I haven’t used much of this as I can’t use the cleanser every day let alone night and morning. It’s a cream cleanser so it doesn’t foam up and it has a refreshingly tangy scent.

Light Balancing Creme
when – morning
uses – about a week
While it says ‘light’ it certainly isn’t a what I would consider light. It’s a very dense, thick and creamy consistency and smells like the Lemon Myrtle Cleanser. It spreads easily and is readily absorbed by my skin.

Nature’s Anti-Oxidant Creme
when – night
uses – about a week
Now, this is the light cream! It smells like lavender which helped me remember that it was the evening cream as I would probably use the thicker cream at night. It spreads easily and is readily absorbed by the skin.

White Clay Mask
when – weekly
uses – 2 full face applications
It looked quite grey as it went on but turned white as it dried. And did it dry! You know how face masks normally make you feel like if you smile your face will crack? This is no different but maybe a little stronger than the ones I have used before. My main interest in this was the belief that clay masks help clean out and minimise blackheads.

Would I buy or recommend any of the above products? Yes. I will be buying the White Clay Mask. I would also recommend the Light Balancing Creme as I think this was the one that helped clear up the dry patches on my face.


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