No surprises that the theme for the January Bellabox was “Kick Start” with it being the best time to change old habits & be better all around. I think some of these items fit really well with the theme & am happy to report I like this box an awful lot more than last month.
BellaBox January
Photo 22-01-2015 7 48 03 am

Tracking email received: Monday January 19
Package received: Thursday January 22 (delivery was attempted on January 21 but I wasn’t home)



BellaBox – makeup pouch

Everyone was set to get one of these in the January Bellabox. It is a bit smaller in person than it seemed in the photos on the website. I haven’t decided what I will use mine for yet, maybe the millions of pens & lip products in my handbag. There are currently about 3 pens and 5 lip products floating around in there!

Photo 22-01-2015 7 47 18 amLaqa & Co – Lip Lube in Beezlebub

Again, this item was guaranteed in all boxes this month. The shade was a bright magenta/pink, not my colour. By chance, it looks better than I suspected! It glides on smooth & is quick to apply. It smells a bit minty, like mild toothpaste, which isn’t a bad thing.

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Photo 22-01-2015 7 47 37 amSkinnyMint – 6 Day Teatox

I was very happy to be a recipient of the teatox. I technically haven’t done one before (I’ve only used a detox tea from the supermarket). This sample pack comes with 9 bags, 6 for the morning then 3 for the evening, making it a 6-day teatox. Unfortunately, there were no directions on the pack. I had to look them up on the SkinnyMint website. You have one cup each morning & one cup every second evening. I had some side effects as listed on the pack in the afternoon on day two. I think this might be good for me to just do two days at a time, say twice a month or so.

Photo 22-01-2015 7 47 28 amAveda – Botanical Kinetics Purifying Gel Cleanser

This smells like aromatherapy, mostly lavender. You don’t need to use much for it to foam up in your hand before you apply it to your face. I think the best part of this product is that it doesn’t hurt your eyes, so you can get in there & give them a rub to remove the eye makeup without it reducing you to tears.

rsz_photo_22-01-2015_7_47_47_amWen by Chaz Dean – Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner

I was amazed by the size of this sample! It is 60mL and I have had put it into its own container as the sachet is a bit awkward now that it’s open. This has a sweet minty smell & will probably last me 5+ washes, although the packet says it will do 2 applications.

Photo 22-01-2015 7 47 10 amDermal Therapy – Heel Balm

I have honestly been meaning to give this a go before posting this, but I just haven’t had the chance. I predict it will work just as good as slathering on a thick layer of rich moisturiser, popping on a pair of socks & sleeping your way to softer feet.


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