The Parcel Spring 2015The Parcel Spring

I actually had some drama relating to this box of the parcel Spring. Shipping was to be anywhere from September 7 -23 so I waited patiently for my parcel. All other times I have received it about a week after the first shipment. After having nothing on September 26, I submitted an enquiry through the online form on the asking to follow up on my parcel. Two days after this I got an incredibly generic email asking me to patiently wait a further 14 business days from the date of that email for delivery.

Then on October 6, I received a ‘final notice’ from Australia Post to collect a package from the local distribution centre. Surprise! The package waiting for me was my the Parcel Spring! According to the side of the box, it had been awaiting collection from September 14. Cue another email to The Parcel. This time I let them know I was disheartened at the generic reply I received and frankly annoyed that my query was not actually looked into. If they had have looked into my query originally they would have seen that it had been posted and was awaiting collection. This time I got a response from CDS Global employee to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

I am yet to contact Australia Post about this, as well as a few other issues I have been having.


Photo 8-10-2015, 8 18 32 AM

MOR – Rosa Noir Hand & Body Milk

This smells sweet yet floral and has a nice texture. Sadly, I loathe hand creams. I tend to put them on then end up wiping the excess off with a towel, it doesn’t seem to matter how little product I use. Then of course it usually goes slimy when you wash your hands later in the day. I gave this to my mum, I think she would use it up before I do.

Photo 8-10-2015, 8 19 12 AMRedwin – Coconut Balm

I currently use the redwing Vitamin E Cream as a face cream and have for many years, so I was excited to try another of their products. I was quite disappointed actually. You know, the liquid flavouring you buy in the cake isle at the supermarket? That’s what it smells like, fake coconut. As for the texture, its very thick, rich and sticky but is not really spreadable. It has the same consistency as Papaw ointment or the Neutrogena Hand Cream. It makes a nice lip balm and might be good to use for sunburn in small areas.

Photo 8-10-2015, 8 20 05 AMEstée Lauder – Modern Muse Le Rouge EDP

This smelled nice but I think it is a bit mature for my taste. I also gave this to my mum.

Photo 8-10-2015, 8 19 19 AMSt Tropez – Gradual Tan In Shower

This is actually quite an annoying product to use. According to the instructions, after applying, you need to turn the water off for 3 minutes for it to develop on your skin. What am I meant to do for those three, long, cold minutes? I may as well get out of the shower & make a cup of tea! Because of this, I have only used it once and of course, did not see any results. That’s not to say that the product doesn’t work, I just don’t have the patience to try it for any longer.

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Photo 8-10-2015, 8 19 03 AMClinique – Smart Custom-Repair Sreum

I haven’t had much of a chance to give this a go because I have so many face creams that need to be used up. It is a beige slightly translucent cream that really doesn’t have a smell. It goes on really smoothly and is absorbed really quickly. The sample is in an easy to use pump bottle but the lid won’t come off.

Photo 8-10-2015, 8 19 36 AML’Oréal Paris – Colour Riche Lipstick (144 Ouhlala Matte)

I don’t think I am going to open this for a little while. I’ve got too many lip colours on the go at the moment. I think it might also be too bright for me & my mum certainly won’t wear it. So I will hang onto it


Photo 8-10-2015, 8 20 24 AMJohn Frieda – Frizz Ease Smooth Start Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner

The first thing I noticed is that it smells like the shampoo and conditioner they use at hair salons. It’s hard for me to tell if it worked or not because I don’t consider my hair to be frizzy. It did a great job at cleaning my hair, even cleared up some of my dandruff & kept my hair clean so I could keep on schedule with when I wash it. If I saw it on special I would certainly consider buying it, or another John Frieda variety.


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