The April Bellabox theme was Mindful Beauty. This month’s products are all about natural (and often organic) skin make up. I feel like they are just jumping on the bandwagon here & the blog post with the theme details uses words like natural, green, organic, vegan, philosophy & passion.
BellaBox April

Tracking email received: Monday, April 23
Package received: Monday, April 27 (I tried to pick it up on Saturday but as it was ANZAC day they were closed)

rsz_photo_30-04-2015_8_19_39_amNivea Lip Butter – Vanilla & Macadamia

I was quite a sceptic about this. I find a lot of brands don’t actual moisturise my lips, they just dry them out & I have had that experience with Nivea before. This won’t be the balm I keep in my purse, but it will go in my bedside table drawer for use in the evenings. It has a vanilla almond smell but doesn’t have a taste. The tin is quite a good size, which is fine but it’s a bit thin. I have a little bit of trouble getting the lid off & I’m sure people with larger hands/fingers would feel the same.

I also don’t like that it is in a tin rather than a stick. I’m fine with using my finger to apply it. But what am I meant to do with the excess on my finger? Wipe it on my clothes?

rsz_photo_30-04-2015_8_19_56_amDr Roebuck’s – Face

You can’t miss that this is a face cream but you certainly can’t tell what brand it is & I don’t recognise the logo. The packaging is simple. Stating it’s for your face along with the ingredients listed on the side. But I suppose that’s all you need with a sample. The cream is a thick, rich cream with a hint of lavender that feels quite luxurious. Although it did have a waxy feel to it, after looking at the ingredients I was right.

rsz_photo_30-04-2015_8_20_43_amSwiss – Bioactive Nature Oil

The pump on this sample is more like a pump on a moisturiser bottle rather than spray bottle like I was expecting. And because of that, I won’t be using it on my face. I’m also a little cautious about putting oils on my face. It also smells like cooking oil; I don’t mind smelling like cooking oil elsewhere but not on my face.

rsz_photo_30-04-2015_8_21_22_amAl’chemy – Unscented Shampoo & Conditioner

I haven’t tried any Al’chemy products before so I am interested to see how it goes & if it is unscented (although that might just mean no scents were added). I feel bad because I haven’t had a chance to use this yet, but I will add my opinions later.

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rsz_photo_30-04-2015_8_21_42_amCoral Colours – Lip Liner in 211 Hayman Cafe

I don’t think I own any lipstick let alone lip liner! I’m not even sure if I will ever use it, perhaps it is an excuse to buy a lipstick? The colour is a red brown which I think will suit me fine. I will test it with a few of my lip glosses, but I will need to keep checking the mirror to make sure the gloss hasn’t worn off, I might end up looking like I’ve just drawn around my lips.

rsz_photo_30-04-2015_8_21_13_amOriginal Source – Body Wash in Mint Tea Tree

I love their packaging; it’s so eye catching & interesting to know what goes into each bottle. While I haven’t used this sample yet, I have already tried the mint tea tree, which has a nice balance between the smelly ingredients.


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