The May Bellabox collaborated with PopSugar & the theme was Sugar Fix. The front of the info card is a highlight & contour cheat sheet because everyone was guaranteed to get a highlight or contour pencil.
bellabox may
Tracking email received: Monday May 18
Package received: Wednesday May 20 (again it was sent to another post office for collection)
Photo 1-06-2015 12 01 39 pm

Photo 1-06-2015 12 02 10 pmChella – Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil

This pencil, either in highlight or contour, was guaranteed in each box. I was unsure originally which I would prefer as I don’t have a highlight/contour routine. The pencil goes onto the skin quite easily but I find it quite hard to blend out & it feels like a waxy crayon. I’m not sure if I will use this for highlighting but I think it would be useful as an eyeshadow base.

Photo 1-06-2015 12 01 58 pmPalmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula – Moisture Rich Night Cream

I have recently tried a few other Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula products recently (day cream & make up removing cleanser) & was happy to sample it this month.  It’s a rich night cream that has a subtle cocoa butter smell that is associated with Palmer’s brand. The only thing I find that I don’t like about night creams is that they tend to sit on my skin for a bit before soaking in & I end up sticking my pillow because of it. I know I should put the cream on a bit earlier. But I only ever remember to do it when I brush my teeth right before I jump into bed.

Photo 1-06-2015 12 01 50 pmReal U – Control+ Face Gel

This should be marketed as unscented because it seriously doesn’t have a smell. It’s a clear gel that soaked into the skin quite quickly & left my face feeling smooth & moisturised all day.

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Photo 1-06-2015 12 03 07 pmEye of Horus – Goddess Pencil in lazuli blue

This is a beautiful glittery eye pencil with a smudge sponge on the other end. It’s a nice bright blue colour that I have used a few times as eyeliner. I’ve attempted to use the smudge sponge but find that it just absorbs so much of the product that there is barely any left of my eyelid.

Photo 1-06-2015 12 03 24 pmImpulse – Romantic Spark perfume

This is a great little sample that I’ve been keeping in my handbag. Lately, I’ve been forgetting to put perfume on every morning & carrying this makes it easy to spritz myself in the car on the way to work. It doesn’t really have a strong smell to it or any particular notes that stand out. According to the info card provided in the box it ‘features notes of wild violets & warm, earthy tones’.

Photo 1-06-2015 12 02 24 pmSunscape – Hydrating Gradual Tan Extender

I will be honest, I will probably never use this. I might use it just to try it but I’m sure there isn’t enough product to do more than 1 lower leg & that would look pretty silly, not to mention that it is only a tan extender, not an actual tanner. Based on the packaging it looks like it would smell nice, possibly tropical, like pineapple.


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