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30 Gifts For 30 Years

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30 Gifts for 30 Years

Around the beginning of the year, I decided that I wanted to give my husband 30 gifts for 30 years. One gift for each year of his life so far.
This birthday present has been months in the making and I’ve been working on a list of gifts since the start of the year. I’ve asked friends for suggestions and even called upon the help of Google.

It was really hard coming up with 30 different yet useful things. Let’s just say I’m just glad that I didn’t wait until he was 40 to do this! I did my best to try to find things that were useful, but I ended up needing quite a few gag gifts. I also did my best to keep track of how much each item cost because I was curious what the total might be.


  1. Apple Watch series 3
  2. Novelty socks
  3. Black T-shirt
  4. White T-shirt
  5. Sweater
  6. Shorts
  7. Trackies
  8. Thongs
  9. Chinos
  10. Drink bottle
  11. Pancake mix
  12. Dairy Milk Block
  13. Caramello Block
  14. Beef jerky
  15. Pop Tarts
  16. Milkos
  17. V.I.Poo
  18. Nerf Gun
  19. Nerf Gun bullets
  20. Hair product
  21. Stick Bot
  22. Sprint by Jane Knapp
  23. Shower gel
  24. Novelty toilet paper
  25. Fart in a can
  26. Water Blaster
  27. Water Pistols
  28. Shaving Cream
  29. BBQ Light
  30. Scratchie

I was originally going to give him a gift voucher for the Apple Watch so he could pick out the one he wanted. However, once the series 3 was released he decided that he really wanted one. I had no choice but to reveal that was what I was going to buy one for his birthday. He chose the one he wanted then I ordered it online.

It was quite a feat to wrap the 30 gifts for 30 years but it was well worth it. The dining table was covered in gifts and what a spectacular sight it was. My husband was so surprised by all the gifts and the amount of effort involved. Judging by my husband’s reaction, it was a good choice not to go with a different birthday gift.

Welcome to Spring!

lilacs text overlay Welcome To Spring

Spring has officially started & Melbourne actually got the memo, producing a beautiful spring day.


Unfortunately, I didn’t know how or when to harvest lettuce last year so I just let it grow. It went to seed & has been popping up in random places in the garden bed. From what I can see, there are 3 types growing. I am unsure which types as they were purchased as mixed lettuce.

I’ve already been picking at the lettuce as needed & will continue to use it this way. It’s fantastic having it on hand & I think it might grow almost year round.


After visiting a local strawberry farm in March this year, I knew I had to try to grow my own. I thought I had missed my chance, needing to plant in April or May but when I looked into it I still had time. According to my research, four plants should produce enough fruit to keep a family in strawberry heaven.

There were a few varieties to choose from at the nursery. Rather than choosing all the same, I opted for a few different plants. I purchased a strawberry, a bubbleberry, a strasberry & a pineberry. A bubbleberry has hints of bubblegum as well as different berries. A strasberry looks like a strawberry cross raspberry & has a mild raspberry flavour. A pineberry has white flesh with red seeds & a pineapple tang.

I’m really excited to try all of them when they start fruiting.


Out of everything, I am most proud of my peas. I planted 20 seeds and about 16 plants grew. I’ve been checking on them almost daily to watch their progress. I was excited to see the first flowers and now the first pea pods. I’m sure it won’t be long until we have so many peas I won’t know what to do with them!

Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

Christmas Decorating Tips

Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

As much as I love Christmas, the tree is the only Christmas decoration I put up. It was almost the only Christmas decoration I had growing up. There was an inflatable Santa & an inflatable reindeer. But after a few years they stopped being used, I guess they got holes in them.

I like to set up my tree on December 1 but of course, it doesn’t always happen.

Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

  • Pick two (three at most) complementary colours to decorate your tree. Some great combinations are red & silver, red & gold, silver & gold, blue & silver (my favourite), and light green & silver.
  • Only decorate with baubles. Ornaments tend to look out of place on a colour themed tree. If you really feel the need for ornaments only uses a few sentimental ones.
  • Use all of the baubles. I have found that my tree looks much better if I use all of the baubles. Less is not always more!
  • Avoid using tinsel. It’s messy & it makes the tree look too busy.
  • Pick lights that are all the same colour, rather than multicolour. Like the ornaments I think multicoloured lights look out of place.
  • To store the string lights, wrap it around your elbow & thumb, making a thick loop. Use freezer bag ties at several intervals around the loop then hang the loop over a coat hanger. This helps to minimise tangles when you need them next year!


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Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

How I set up my tree

  1. Set up the tree near where you want it. Leave enough room so that you can walk all the way around it.
  2. Put the lights on starting from the bottom, walking your way around the tree, moving upwards. Remember to leave enough slack for it to reach the power point.
  3. Add the star or angel to the top.
  4. Add the baubles.
  5. Move the tree to its final location.

Housewarming Gift Ideas

My friends have just finished building their first house & have finally moved in. I know when we moved in we had to do a massive trip to the supermarket to get everything we needed from cleaning supplies to fresh food. We were lucky enough to receive a huge hamper for our engagement party that had the majority of the kitchen utensils & oven trays.

Housewarming Gift Ideas


Here is a list of what I gave my friend:

• Bucket
• Dishwashing liquid
• Rubber gloves
• Kitchen wipes
• Glass wipes
• Air freshener spray
• Batteries
• Pain killers
• Bandaids
• Bathroom/kitchen cleaner
• Tea towels
• Blue loo
• Kitchen cloths
• Hand soap
• Bunnings voucher

Other housewarming gift ideas

Some things I will include if I make up another basket:
• Tissues – always handy to have in a few spots around the house
• Toilet paper – you can never have too much
• Candles – for when the power goes out

Some other great ideas for housewarming gifts are:
• Indoor plant – because they are generally difficult to kill
• Lawn ornament – they make a great talking piece. Although I suggest putting it in the back yard to save it from getting stolen.
• Door mat – my grandmother purchased ours

Post Christmas Clean Up

Christmas Clean Up
It’s December 27 so that means it’s time for the often dreaded Christmas clean up to begin. Christmas is over for another year, it’s time to pack away the tree and all of the decorations.

christmas bauble. text overlay: christmas clean up

I like to think that I’m smart by not having any decorations around the house beside the tree. It saves me storage space for the 11 months of the year that they aren’t used. I don’t have to worry about dusting them while they are on display. And it also means it doesn’t take long to set up or pack up.

While Harley didn’t help me set up the tree on the 1st of December, he was keen to help put it away. Amazingly he has never tried to play with the tree, steal any ornaments or destroy any part of it.
Photo 28-12-2014, 3 41 32 PM

While packing away the tree this year I decided to be smart, in preparation for next year. I decided to tape the instructions for the tree set up to the inside lid of the box. The instructions usually float around at the bottom of the box and the tree is done by the time I find it.

Photo 28-12-2014, 3 49 48 PM

Hopefully next year it will be smooth sailing, taking a bit less time and effort to put the tree together.