My brother can be so hard to buy for. So most of the time I just give him money for his birthday. This year I decided it was time for a different birthday gift. Normally, I would just put money in a card. But I recently came across some cool ideas on Pinterest. I wish I could claim this idea as my own, but it wasn’t. Nevertheless, here is what I gave my brother and how I made it.
A Different Birthday Gift
You will need

  • a clean empty jar
  • a cardboard tube (from paper towel or toilet roll)
  • candies
  • money
  • wrapping paper and paint to decorate
  1. Cover the bottom of the cardboard tube with foil
  2. Decorate the jar: wrap the decorative paper around the jar, paint or cover the lid with foil
  3. Fill the bottom of the jar with candy
  4. Put the cardboard roll in the jar & top up the outside with the candy
  5. Put the money inside the cardboard tube
  6. Seal the jar & be sure not to tip it upside down or side to side & ensure you let the recipient know


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