Christmas Clean Up
It’s December 27 so that means it’s time for the often dreaded Christmas clean up to begin. Christmas is over for another year, it’s time to pack away the tree and all of the decorations.

christmas bauble. text overlay: christmas clean up

I like to think that I’m smart by not having any decorations around the house beside the tree. It saves me storage space for the 11 months of the year that they aren’t used. I don’t have to worry about dusting them while they are on display. And it also means it doesn’t take long to set up or pack up.

While Harley didn’t help me set up the tree on the 1st of December, he was keen to help put it away. Amazingly he has never tried to play with the tree, steal any ornaments or destroy any part of it.
Photo 28-12-2014, 3 41 32 PM

While packing away the tree this year I decided to be smart, in preparation for next year. I decided to tape the instructions for the tree set up to the inside lid of the box. The instructions usually float around at the bottom of the box and the tree is done by the time I find it.

Photo 28-12-2014, 3 49 48 PM

Hopefully next year it will be smooth sailing, taking a bit less time and effort to put the tree together.


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