The Secret To A Flawless Bun
My hair is reasonably long and it’s nice to get it off my neck when it’s hot so I often put it in a bun during the summer. The secret to getting a sleek flawless bun that holds well is spiral hair pins! As they spiral through your hair they create a very strong grip, interlocking each other and the hair strands.

Photo 16-01-2015 7 23 12 amPhoto 16-01-2015 7 23 43 am

To Use:

  1. Tie up your hair in a ponytail as high or low as you like.
  2. Pull the hair of the ponytail to one side of your head and twist the hair in the ponytail in one direction
  3. Once you have twisted about half way down, bring the ponytail over  the top of the hair tie to the other side of your head and continue twisting
  4. Bring the hair under the ponytail to the other side
  5. Continue twisting and wrapping around the hair tie until there is no hair left
  6. Insert a spiral pin where the hair ends

You may need to use more than one pin to secure your hair. I usually use three or four.

Buzzfedd also has a great article, 21 hair styles using spiral pins.


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