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30 Gifts for 30 Years

Around the beginning of the year, I decided that I wanted to give my husband 30 gifts for 30 years. One gift for each year of his life so far.
This birthday present has been months in the making & I’ve been working on a list of gifts since the start of the year. I’ve asked friends for suggestions & even called upon the help of Google.


It was really hard coming up with 30 different yet useful things. Let’s just say I’m just glad that I didn’t wait until he was 40 to do this! I did my best to try to find things that were useful, but I ended up needing quite a few gag gifts. I also did my best to keep track of how much each item cost because I was curious what the total might be.

30 Gifts For 30 Years

Giving 30 gifts for 30 years is not an easy task You start off with some cool gifts, but the cost starts adding up. So you start adding in some gag gifts like whoopee cushions and food items. But then you realise that food can be pretty practical. Then you come up with some other practical ideas like personal care items and clothing.

It was quite a feat to wrap everything but it was well worth it. The dining table was covered in gifts and what a spectacular sight it was. My husband was so surprised by all the gifts and the amount of effort involved.

Happy Birthday 30 gifts for 30 years


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