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My third niece arrived in the world on September 21 2014. I had a bit of a mad rush to crochet as much as I could before the baby shower which was back in July. The themed baby shower is done and dusted now, I can finally take a bit of a break from crochet.

I love to crochet something as a baby shower gift. And I usually only make one thing. I think I’ve outdone myself this time!

Must haves for an owl baby shower theme

Embrace the enchantment of a baby and celebrate impending motherhood with a few essentials for an owl-themed baby shower that’s sure to bring a hoot of joy to all!

  • owl baby shower invitations
  • owl banner
  • owl shaped foods
  • little owl guest book
  • party favors

Here are some photos of the things I made (both food and crochet) as well as links to the patterns and recipes. There are also a lot of ideas for owl-themed shower gifts and owl-themed baby items.

Owl-themed baby shower gifts

I went a bit crazy when it came to the gifts. Almost all of the gifts I gave were cute owls.

Owl Blanket 

My mother-in-law found this cute owl blanket pattern and knew it would be perfect as the baby’s room was decorated with an owl theme. It’s probably the most effort I have put into anything crochet, besides my Krista blanket.

Ugg Boots

This was the first pattern that I paid for. I struggled at the start but it really helps to pay close attention to the pattern. I’m incredibly happy with how they have turned out and I have made a few more since.

Bunny rattle

This is a baby shower staple, everyone who invited me to their baby shower is guaranteed to get one of these for their new baby. I put a bell inside the head when I was stuffing it.

Adorable Owl Snuggle Buddy

This was actually requested by the mum-to-be. I’m happy with how it turned out and will probably make some more in the future with different animals. It’s a small snuggly blanket with the shape of an owl head.

Food for an owl-themed baby shower

I also volunteered to make some food. I think I may have bitten off more than I could chew as I was up until midnight the Thursday before icing the shortbreads And still madly crocheting madly at 7 in the morning the day of the shower.

Owl cupcakes

Instead of a themed baby shower cake, we went for cupcakes. and these were so simple to make!

Again, I’m glad I made the cupcakes on Wednesday night. I iced them with a tub of Betty Crocker icing, halved Oreos, and orange and brown M&M’s. These can also be used for a birthday party or any owl party.

Another option is to have owl cupcake toppers or an owl baby shower cake with a personalised image on top of the cake.

Iced shortbreads

Another addition to the dessert table was the iced ginger shortbreads. I have a lot of different cookie cutters that I have hardly used. Little house shapes would be perfect for a housewarming party.

I used butterfly and flower-shaped cutters.

There were too many dramas while trying to ice them.

I borrowed my mother’s icing set which just happens to be her grandmother’s.

Unfortunately, the plunger part came out!! I was very lucky in that I had another icing set, but the same thing happened!!

As a last resort, I used a ziplock bag which worked perfectly.

Breakfast Bites

This was also so simple to make. A baguette cut on an angle, smashed avocado, scrambled eggs and chopped cherry tomatoes.

Which of these would you use for your owl baby shower?

Owl Themed Baby Shower


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