Each month I will feature one my favourite YouTube channels, sharing the little things I like about them & of course, the video I like best. This month is Karissa Pukas.

I started following Karissa on youtube around the same time I started following Lauren Curtis as they had collaborated on a few videos while in town for the Sydney IMATS. (I also have a few other youtubers that I found around this time so stay tuned for their YouTube Limelight moment!!)

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 12.15.15 pm

This is my favourite of Karissa’s videos because it isn’t easy to admit you have fears let alone put it out there to all of YouTube. She faces her fear of driving in Australia (as she is Canadian). Karissa also details a few helpful steps to overcoming your fears.
I’ve just been checking my blog & noticed that the video I had originally posted has been removed “as a violation of YouTube’s policy against spam, scams & commercially deceptive content“. So here is a different video that I think many people can relate to.

Karissa uploads lots of different types of videos from hair make-up & beauty tutorials, look book, hauls, tags to bloopers. My favourite ones are the hair, make-up & beauty tutorials & I think I have learned so much about different products & how to apply them.
Click here to see more of Karissa’s videos.


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