Each month I feature one of my favourite YouTube channels, sharing the little things I like about them and of course the video I like best. This month is Gordon Ramsay.

I came across this channel by chance actually, as it was on the home page as a trending. I’m quite surprised to see that the channel is not just full of clips from his various TV shows. I think you may have been living under a rock if you have never seen a video or meme of Gordon Ramsay. There are videos of recipes, how-to, along with a few classic clips from his TV shows like Hotel Hell, Gordon Behind Bars etc.
This video really caught my eye because ‘beer-soaked bread’ sounds very interesting and easy to make. I will let you know if I ever do make it! The Ginger Beer Battered Fish also sounds delicious. I would never have thought to use different types of beer for beer batter. But it makes so much sense to me now!

Head to Gordon Ramsay’s YouTube channel for more videos, recipes, and of course laguhs!

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