Each month I feature one of my favourite YouTube channels, sharing the little things I like about them and of course, the video I like best. This month is Lauren Curtis.

From memory, I came across Lauren on Tumblr. I kept seeing pictures of a beautiful blonde and managed to trace it back to the name laurenbeautyy, which I then googled & arrived at her YouTube channel. That was all about a year ago. Since then I have watched every single video, checking for new ones each day.

If you ever need a little pick me up, this video will do the trick. The video aims to empower people (not just women!) & remind them that everyone is different. While one thing might work for someone, it might not work for everyone else because each person is different & it takes all kinds to make the world go round.

While I don’t think Lauren and I would be friends in real life, I do think that if we had gone to high school together we’d be polite Facebook friends, liking each other’s photos without needing to actually communicate. I like watching Lauren’s videos because she comes across as very genuine and her giggle is just adorable.

You can see more of Lauren Curtis on YouTube.


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