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The Parcel Autumn 2017


Apologies, I have been so slack with the Parcel Autumn edition. I forgot to take a photo of the outside packaging before I disposed of it. I took way too long to try everything. Then I took even longer to sit down to write about it. FACE Burt's Bees - Lip Crayon 100% Natural I do quite like the few Burts Bees products I have tried & this is no exception. The colour is a good match for me, it looks quite natural. The only let down is it smell quite waxy, like a crayon. Biore - Baking Soda Scrub [...]

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The Parcel Summer 2016


FACE Nude by Nature - Sheer Glow BB Cream I really liked the Nude by Nature mineral powder in the Spring Parcel so I was expecting good things. But I was a little disappointed. The colour match is great but I am yet top find a BB Cream that isn’t patchy. It has also left my face shiny, so I will have to use a powder on top. Nip+Fab - Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads I don't recall having tried anything glycolic before. After using these pads for a few days in a row my face does feel a bit [...]

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The Parcel Spring 2016


I have been so slack in getting The Parcel Spring review organised. I've waited for ages to try most of the products and now that I am watermarking my photos it seems like such a chore. FACE The Body Shop – Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask I was expecting a thick cream-like mask however it was quite runny. There were chunks of what appeared to be seaweed, which I found odd. Overall it left my face feeling smooth & clean. Nude by Nature – Natural Mineral Cover This is my favourite product from this parcel. The shade is a tad [...]

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The Parcel Autumn 2016


I was honestly a little sad that there were only 6 products in The Parcel Autumn, after the last Parcel had so much in it. RELATED: The Parcel: Winter 2016 Body OPI Nail Lacquer - Embrace-Dare Ya! If I were to describe this colour to someone I'd call it red Chinese satin. It reminds me of the Chinese style dresses & tops that are made of satin. I actually have one, although it's blue & I am pretty sure it was from Taiwan. I was surprised to see that once I had put two coats of this on my nails it appeared [...]

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The Parcel Summer 2015


This edition of The Parcel Summer is absolutely overflowing with products! I am blown away at the number of products, a total of 11 (counting the shampoo and conditioner as one) plus there is such a variety in the type of products. RELATED: The Parcel: Autumn 2016 Face Paula's Choice - Vitamin C Spot Treatment I haven't had much of a chance to try this out yet. I always forget about it and am pretty conscious of putting layer upon layer of product on my face at any time of the day. I'm also concerned about putting vitamin C on [...]

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The Parcel Spring 2015


I actually had some drama relating to this box of the parcel Spring. Shipping was to be anywhere from September 7 -23 so I waited patiently for my parcel. All other times I have received it about a week after the first shipment. After having nothing on September 26, I submitted an enquiry through the online form on the parcel.com.au asking to follow up on my parcel. Two days after this I got an incredibly generic email asking me to patiently wait a further 14 business days from the date of that email for delivery. Then on October 6, I [...]

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The Parcel Winter 2015


The Parcel Winter edition is jam-packed with so many useful items, my favourite being the nail polish remover. RELATED: The Parcel: Spring 2015 Body Woolworths Select - Nail Polish Removal Wipes When I saw this in the parcel I was a tad annoyed, it is a $2 product from the supermarket! But now that I have tried it there is a really good chance that I will purchase it. There are quite a few wipes in the tiny package (30 according to the label) but they are a little difficult to separate from each other, like those paper plates at [...]

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The Parcel Autumn 2015


I really look forward to receiving this parcel every three months! As far as value for money goes, I think The Parcel Autumn is top notch. RELATED: The Parcel: Winter 2015 Body Mor - Snow Gardenia Triple Milled Soap I opened the parcel to a burst of delightful flowery smells, this being the culprit. Lucky for me I use soap in the shower and actually have quite a collection going. Unlucky for me I just started a new one a few days before this arrived but it will be the next to enter the shower with me once my current soap runs [...]

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The Parcel Summer 2014


The Parcel Summer edition had quite a few more products than the last one. I'm still using quite a few products from the Spring edition, so I had high hopes for this one! I was not let down, plenty of full size products and a wide variety of products from a variety of price points. RELATED: The Parcel Autumn 2015 Hair John Frieda - Luxurious Volume Touchably Full Shampoo and Conditioner and Blow Out Spray The shampoo is clear. The conditioner feels light weight in my hands and was very easy to distribute through the ends of my hair. I've [...]

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The Parcel Spring 2014


The Parcel is a quarterly beauty box by Marie Claire. It costs $25 per quarter and is filled with around $100 of deluxe samples from very well known brands. The October release is it's first and I am sure it will give the other beauty boxes a run for their money. The Parcel Spring edition was sealed in plastic to keep everything dry and intact. Then the actual package was in a sleeve (pictured above) with my name and address printed on it. The leaflet inside the parcel was also personally addressed to me, but digital printing makes that so much [...]

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