Each month I feature one of my favourite YouTube channels, sharing the little things I like about them and of course the video I like best. This month is Lush Australia but I’m also combining it with a review of a few of their products. I’m relatively new to the fantastic world of Lush. I had seen some of their products featured in some of my YouTube Limelight. I was going to the VIP night at Chadstone in November and decided to visit the store to buy some Christmas presents. The staff were so helpful and assisted me to find the perfect gifts. I also got a bit of a crash course on some of their range. And I ended up buying a bath bomb, a bath melt, a bubble bar, a gift pack and a scrub that night.

I was intending to give the bath bomb and bubble bar as a Secret Santa gift to colleagues but wanted it to be a secret and then had to go back to buy something for myself so it wouldn’t seem suss. I then visited the Fountain Gate store again to be assisted by an incredibly knowledgeable staff member. She was not just knowledgeable about the products but the company itself as I had asked how Lush has been around for. That day I bought the Golden Wonder bath bomb for myself.

Then when I went back to Chadstone before having High Tea at the Hotel Windsor and purchased the Cupcake face mask.

You can see more videos by Lush on YouTube.

My Lush ‘Haul’

Photo 30-11-2014 3 39 08 pm

The stash before I wrapped them all up for Christmas.

Photo 7-01-2015 7 44 32 pm

Testing out the Cupcake face mask. I took a face washer into the shower to take this off but I didn’t need to use it once. It came off really easily and left my face feeling refreshed. Most of the masks I have ever used have left my face feeling a little tight afterwards. I felt as though I’d had a facelift. This was a nice change.

Photo 10-01-2015 11 48 22 am

This scrub looks thick and harsh in the tub but goes on ever so smoothly once your body is wet. The granules dissolve on the skin whilst releasing a flowery smell that to me smells like orange blossom.

Photo 9-01-2015 11 16 41 amPhoto 9-01-2015 11 25 21 am (1)

The Golden Wonder bath bomb is what I gave myself as a Secret Santa gift. It is magnificent! It is shaped like a present and actually has smaller different coloured bath bombs inside it that reveal themselves as it fizzes. There were also tiny gold stars that dissolved. The water ended up a nice marine green with golden lustre. I spent quite a long time just watching the gold fold around itself.

Lush also have an amazing sale after Christmas.


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