How To Get The Most Out Of The Lush Sale

Every year in Australia, Lush holds Boxing Day Sales starting on the British holiday of Boxing Day. The last few years have seen 50% off Christmas and other leftover holiday stock. With 2017 offering in-store-only discounts, I expect future years to be the same.

I got really lucky to visit a store in 2017. I was interstate on holiday and certainly not expecting to come across a Lush handmade cosmetics store.

What is Lush Cosmetics?

For those of you that lived under the same rock I did until about 2016, 

Lush is a global cosmetics retailer. Lush is known for its handmade, fresh, and ethically sourced products. 

Founded in the United Kingdom in 1995, the Lush brand has since expanded to several countries across the globe. 

Lush retail shops offer a wide range of bath, body, skincare, haircare, and fragrance products. All of these are made using natural and cruelty-free ingredients.

Lush is different from many other cosmetic brands because of its commitment to using minimal packaging, promoting ethical and environmentally friendly practices, supporting sustainable communities, as well as advocating for animal and human rights. 

How to get the most out of the Lush sales

Research and plan ahead

Jump online and see the full product range on offer in the Christmas range and other holiday items.

Don’t forget to look at the gift packs, because you should certainly treat yourself! Last year I purchased the Christmas Bathtime Favourites gift pack. It had 11 different bath products in it, some of which were sold out.
Once you have had a look online head into your local store for the best possible experience. You want to visit the physical retail store because some stores are bigger than others, therefore can carry more stock. Take note of the items they do have and the stock levels. Also by going into the store, you will be able to smell the products.

And everyone knows that 80% of the Lush customer experience is the aroma. I also joke that a Lushie (an authentic customer loyal to the brand) can smell a store a mile away!

Wait patiently

Depending on how far in advance you start scoping out what you’d like to buy, you might have to wait a while before you can actually purchase anything.

With a large and loyal customer base, the global company services different markets. It’s also important to know that different countries stock different items. Many items are unique to Lush North America, Lush Japan, Lush UK or Lush Australia and New Zealand.

Let’s go shopping!

Head to the store on an earlier day of the sale. Maybe not the day the sale starts, the shops are often overcrowded that day. If you do choose to go the day the sale starts, make sure you are prepared. Arrive about half an hour before the store opens because there will be a queue. And while you are in line, try to scope out the store to see what stock is still available.
Now all that is left to do is enjoy your Lush Christmas products all year round.

My top picks

Some of my favourite Lush products are from the seasonal holiday range and I like to stock up during Lush’s in-store sales.

  • Snow Fairy (shower gel)
  • Snow Fairy Fun (moldable soap, shampoo or bubble bath)
  • Golden Wonder (bath bomb)
  • Snow Fairy gift sets (usually include items like snow fairy bath bombs or snow fairy bubble bars)
  • Fresh products like face masks that need to be kept on ice in-store

Other Top Picks

  • Dream Cream (body lotion)
  • Twilight (bath bomb)
  • Mask of Magnaminty (face mask)
  • Outback Mate (soap)
  • Therapy (massage bar)
  • Rub Rub Rub (body scrub)
  • Charity Pot (a body lotion that supports the charity pot program)

You can also receive a free Fresh Face Mask when you return 5 clean black Lush pots.

Why doesn’t Lush have an online sale?

In the past, I have jumped online as early as possible to make sure I purchase from Lush’s sole annual sale. But Lush’s site gets huge surges of high volume of traffic and it cannot cope with heavy traffic loads. And I’m sure with each passing year being more than the previous year’s traffic. 

I know I’ve waited in an online queue for way too long only for the website to 

Even with the most optimistic preparation, things can and do go wrong. The manufacturing teams have to cope with the number of orders and ensure a constantly updated site with the synchronization of orders to maintain operational excellence.

But I think the cosmetics company has made a great move to in-store only sales. It makes for a great shop experience for my biggest shop of the year.

So have yourself a fantastic Christmas and treat yo self!


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