Each month I feature one my favourite YouTube channels, sharing the little things I like about them & of course, the video I like best. This month is Nikki Blackketter. 

ike Lauren, I found Nikki on tumblr, where she is known as blondevsworld. Majority of her photos were of herself during preparation for bikini/figure competitions. I started following her because who doesn’t need a fit young woman to admire?

This video details a seemingly delicious high protein sweet treat. I say seemingly because I doubt you can buy ice cream here that only has 150 calories per pint. I know you can buy PB2 here but I haven’t got around to it yet. I see so many things from American youtube channels & on TV that are no fat, zero calorie etc & those things just don’t exist here. The closest I think you could get is the Weight Watchers branded stuff but even then there isn’t a lot of variety. 

These videos have been an absolute saviour this week while doing week 2 of the Maxine’s Challenge, especially when she has to cut down on her intake as I can totally relate to the hungry feeling still.

Click here to see more of Nikki’s videos.


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