How I Quit Adding Sugar To My Coffee
I quit adding sugar to my breakfast cereal years ago, but I still add it to my coffee. But I’ve slowly been cutting back the amount of sugar I have in a coffee and even tea for that matter. I’ve always had two sugars in my coffee, even when I was drinking store bought flavoured coffee sachets. It does make me sad to admit that on top of the 10g of sugar already in it that I was adding another 10g. Not to mention my seasonal PSL habit.

It was time to quit adding sugar to coffee.

I’ve used two tactics recently to help me lower my sugar intake. I find I am sensitive to caffeine so I only have one tea or one coffee per day, and I very rarely drink cola.

Two things I did to quit adding sugar to coffee


I’ve been adding some vanilla extract to my coffee. This gives it a different flavour and somehow tricks my brain into thinking it tastes sweet.

Soy Milk

I’ve also found that when I use soy milk it changes the whole flavour of the coffee. And because it doesn’t taste how I expected it I find I can go without. I know milk alternatives aren’t for everyone. And it can take a bit of time to find the right type and brand for you. Out of all the milk alternatives I’ve tried, I prefer soy milk. This option works really well when I am out and order a cappuccino.

I feel like I need to add a small disclaimer here. These tactics have only worked when it is a coffee machine style coffee. I have an Aldi milk frother at home and use a Delonghi machine at work. And because of this, I think the amount of milk being used also plays a big part in the amount of sugar that I add. So it’s quite rare that I would have a coffee that is all water with a splash of milk.

There are plenty of other options too.

I’ve heard cold turkey works too. Apparently, after two weeks after not adding any sugar to your coffee, you are used to the taste and are able to drink it as normal. Obviously, I haven’t been brave enough to try this.

If you add two or more sugars, try using less. I also used to add two teaspoons of sugar to my tea. I cut it back to a heaped teaspoon and now just one teaspoon.

There is no shame in using a sugar substitute. There are many alternatives like stevia or honey.

How did you quit adding sugar to coffee? Or maybe you quit adding it to your tea? Even quit adding it to your breakfast vanilla extract and soy milk helped me quit sugar


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