Leg Day Recovery Tips

//Leg Day Recovery Tips

Leg day is one of my favourite days. I love feeling sore afterwards like I’ve put in some real effort. But after a while, the soreness can become downright annoying.

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Leg Day Recovery Tips

Depending on what time I work out, I generally notice some soreness around 20 hours afterwards, which peaks around 24-36 hours afterwards.

Leg Day Recovery Tips

  • Go for a walk the next day – One of the best things you can do is keep moving. I like to take my dog, Harley, for a walk the next morning. Depending on how sore I am over the followings days will depend on if I do this on consecutive days.
  • Casein – a slow release protein like casein can help the muscle repair overnight. I generally only have casein before bed after weight training my legs.
  • Protein – either from protein powder or food.
  • Compression pants – I started using compression pants a few years ago to recover from sore muscles after boot camp. The pair that I use now is actually for recovery & are quite a snug fit. I only wear them overnight & occasionally around the house.
  • Stretch – I like to stretch my legs out straight after the workout before I even get in the car to go home. I like to do stretches for my quadriceps, hamstrings, calves & hip flexors.
  • Massage – I find massage with the heel of my palm really gets into the muscles & kneads the soreness away.
  • Take the stairs – If you have the option, take the stairs whenever possible. I can be quite a struggle but getting those legs moving certainly helps.
  • Warm up & cool down – I always did my warm-up & cool down for legs on the treadmill. I have since switched to using a bike because I feel it uses more muscle groups than just walking does.
  • Rather than doing leg day, incorporate 2-3 leg exercises in each workout. I used to do upper body one day then lower body another day. Now I do half of the upper body & half of the low body one day, then do the remaining exercises for upper & lower body another day.

*Disclaimer: I have no professional qualifications. The above is just a list of things that I find works the best for me.

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