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lady with abs text overlay:I completed Maxine's Challenge

Here is my Maxine’s Challenge review. The program provides a nutrition plan, training programs for both gym and home workouts, an online forum as well as the option for your own ‘blog’ on your profile.

The nutrition is a bit full on and I’d recommend easing into it. You can often get access to the nutrition and training plans before the official start date. It’s best if you start doing what you can as soon as possible.

The forum is great for all those questions that you think are too silly, I can assure you lots of other people are wondering the same thing!

Maxine’s Challenge Review week by week

Maxine’s Challenge Week 1 started out with some fitness testing & a few headaches from sugar withdrawals.

Maxine’s Challenge Week 2 is when I discovered taco salad, which is also a great way to use the leftovers.

During Maxine’s Challenge Week 3 I did some killer HIIT workouts.

In Maxine’s Challenge Week 4 I learned that I can drink more water when the weather is warmer. I tend to prefer warm drinks on cold days and cold drinks on warm days.

Maxine’s Challenge Week 5 saw me having proats (protein oats) for breakfast every day.

Tempted by cake at an engagement party during Maxine’s Challenge Week 6.

A 15km training session for The Bloody Long Walk helped boost my exercise in Maxine’s Challenge Week 7.

More temptations for Maxine’s Challenge Week 8, a wedding & a night on the town.

People were beginning to notice changes in how I looked in Maxine’s Challenge Week 9

In Maxine’s Challenge Week 10 I finally weighed the amount of greek yoghurt I was to have with the protein powder. Hello, high-protein delicious pudding!

No motivation in Maxine’s Challenge Week 11 but so close to the end.

Check Maxine’s Challenge Week 12 to see if I stuck it out.

Which Maxine’s products are best?

Maxine’s Burn Protein Bars – the Double Choc Fudge and Cookies & Cream are my favourite!
Maxine’s Burn Low Carb Cookie – eating cookies as part of the meal plan during a fitness challenge? Yes please!
Maxine’s Burn Protein – The chocolate or strawberry flavours taste just like a thickshake from Macca’s.
Maxine’s Night Slow Release Protein Powder – help your body repair and recover while you sleep.

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