Unusual Side Effects Of Working Out

Unusual effects of going to the gym

On the 15th of January, I finally joined a gym. I had been considering it for a little while, mostly because I love the idea of running inside away from the elements. I follow the gym on Facebook &and noticed they were offering a very attractive deal, compared to the other 24/7 gyms in my area. I’m pretty sure all the gyms in my area are now 24/7 anyway.

Back in December I started using a ‘couch to 5k’ app and was making good progress but was finding it hard to get going in the various climates of the Australian (more so Melbournian four seasons in one day) summer.

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Here are some non-fitness reasons I joined:

  • I know a few people that are already members so I can go with them sometimes
  • open 24 hours
  • A 5-minute drive from my house
  • well equipped with enough equipment
  • friendly and knowledgeable trainers
  • the trainers can even prepare a program based on your goals

On to the unexpected effects, I have experienced so far!

Increased Bowel Movements

For me every 4-5 days was regular (apart from that time I was vegetarian), now it’s every day. Which is totally fine, just something that I noticed. I’m assuming it is from the increased blood flow to the organs.

Getting Sweaty

I first came across this phenomenon when doing a 12-week boot camp in 2012. The fitter I got, the earlier into the workout I started to sweat. It’s happening again now while doing the first leg of the ‘run’ during the couch to 5k. Again, I’m putting this down to increased blood flow to the heart, getting the heart rate up and sending the blood around the body.

Firmer Skin

I noticed the skin on my outer thighs appeared to be firmer within about a week. I feel like it’s not just reduced cellulite, I really think the skin has become softer. Once again, I think it comes down to increased blood flow, particularly while running and leg training.


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