Each month I feature one of my favourite YouTube channels, sharing the little things I like about them & of course the video I like best. This month is Mars One. I first heard about it in the middle of 2016 because an Australian woman was still a candidate for the program.

“Where were you when people landed on Mars?” will be one of those conversations for my generation. Along with “where were you when man landed on the moon?” and “where were you when WWI/WWII ended?”. At the moment all I have is “where were you on 9/11 (2001)?”.

I love the idea of space travel. Although I’m not sure I would like to take part until it is well and truly safe. There are also a few other companies out there that are trying to make space travel possible. Richard Brandson’s company Virgin Galactic and Elon Musk’s company SpaceX are a few that are racing towards the universe.

Mars One is an organisation that proposed in 2012 to land the first humans on Mars and leave them there to establish a permanent human colony in the coming decades.



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