A few of my IVF regrets

IVF comes with a lot of things. And for me one of those is regret. While IVF can be amazing, it certainly is life-changing, regardless of the result. But, as I said, I have a few IVF regrets. Here’s hoping you don’t have the same regrets.

I regret being ashamed of my infertility

I’m sure I’m not alone in this. But I kind of took it personally when the infertility label was first slapped on me in 2015. And even more so when it changed to unexplained infertility. It’s just that. Unexplained. There is no reason for it. Mine and my husband’s bodies appear to work as they are meant to. But something just wasn’t working.

I regret not sharing my story

I wish I had opened up to some of my close friends about it. For some reason, I kept it all to myself. Only sharing some of my feelings with my husband. I thought I was tough enough to get through it on my own. But I wasn’t alone; my husband was experiencing the same thing. Perhaps in a different way, but we were in it together.
I even wish I shared my story on my blog. My blog was already in existence, why not use it to share my story, give myself an outlet and maybe even let someone else relate.

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4 things I regret from my experience with IVF

I regret not taking the time to work on myself

IVF was the perfect time for a bit of self-reflection and dreaming. But I carried on as usual because I thought that was what I had to do. I wish I took the time to find ways to look after my mental health.
I was into running at the time. And I still tried to run every few days. But once I started injections for IVF, I found it painful to run. My ovaries felt like they were the size of oranges, bouncing around inside my body as I ran.

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I regret making IVF a priority

Sure, IVF was a significant part of my life at the time. But I wish I didn’t live there for so long. I made it part of me because I kept it to myself and I put my life on hold while trying to get pregnant. I’d put off studying for my Diploma of Accounting for a few years, in case I got pregnant. I started and finished my diploma the year we did IVF, and I had my diploma by the time I got pregnant.

While I do have IVF regrets, it’s still my experience and my story. I wouldn’t change a thing, just like all of my other regrets.

my IVF regrets

don't hold back your IVF regrets
IVF regrets

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