How to Host a Clothing SwapI love any excuse to get together with my friends and a clothing swap is no exception!

What is a clothing swap?

A clothing swap can be a great way to get rid of some of your clothes and pick up some fresh ones without the financial outlay of new clothes.

How to pick clothing for a clothing swap

Obviously, you want to pick items that are still in really good nick. You want to make sure the clothes that you are giving is in great shape because you want to receive great clothes in return. Think about items that you no longer wear because they don’t fit right, the colour doesn’t suit or you just don’t like it anymore.

How to host a clothing swap

What better way to freshen up your outfits than with something new that didn’t cost a cent?


Pick your date, time and location then invite your most stylish friends! Let them know if it’s just a clothing swap, or if they are welcome to bring shoes, accessories, books and other items. And to share the load, ask your guests to bring a plate of food to share.

Gather supplies

To display the clothes, hang on clothing racks, clothes horses, clothes airers or fold the clothes on a table. Don’t forget to warn your guests to bring their own coathangers!
A change room can take a clothing swap party to the next level. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen something that looks amazing on the hanger (or mannequin) then it just doesn’t suit me when I put it on. A full-length mirror wouldn’t go astray either!
Provide some snacks and refreshments or ask your guests to bring something to share.

Make the Rules

Outlining the rules before you start will ensure your guests know exactly what they are in for.
Window shop first – Tag items you like with labelled masking tape. If more than one person likes an item after everyone is finished window shopping, auction it off using a predetermined currency or bid with real money and donate the proceeds to a charity
Take turns – let each person take a turn to shop, choosing the order by drawing straws or numbers from a hat. Limit the number of items to two or three to keep it fair and once everyone has had a turn you can do another round or make it a free for all.
Currency – use some form of currency, like pegs. One peg for each item of clothing you bring


Donate all of the leftover clothing to an op shop or charity. Bonus points if they will pick it up. Because we all know that bag of clothes to donate sits in the boot of your car for about six months before you drop it off. No? Just me then…

Clothing swap

Everything you need to know about hosting a clothing swap


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