To be honest? I judge other parents

I am that mum that judges other mums. And I’m not afraid to admit it. And do you know why? Because I just myself more harshly than I judge anyone else.

I’ve been that mum

In many cases, I’ve been that mum. You know the one, where you look at the kid and think to yourself, I would never be like that/do that/let my child do that. Famous last words.
My daughter often leaves the house in the morning without having brushed her teeth. There have been more occasions where her hair hasn’t been brushed. And the most embarrassing morning was when I basically got her ready at childcare.

I’m currently being so hard on myself when it comes to toilet training. I can’t help but compare myself and my daughter to my friends and their kids. Or even friends and family with older kids. I know they all learn at their own pace. But I can’t help but take it personally that my daughter isn’t catching on.

And none of this is to say that she isn’t progressing in other areas. She is talking and singing almost non-stop. She can follow simple instructions to help around the house and is able to get herself dressed with little. And sure as hell, she is still pushing my buttons every single day.

I am a judgy mummy

And what about social media?

This has opened up a can of worms when it comes to judgement. I can sit behind my computer and think all sorts of awful things about absolutely everyone I encounter online. That’s not to say that I do – but I know I have thought some pretty awful things.
I came across a photo of a woman and the caption mentioned that she was something like seven months pregnant. I instantly judged her and thought to myself there is no way she is pregnant. Look at the size of her tummy. My pre-baby tummy never looked that flat. As if there is a seven-month-old baby in there.
I had to stop myself from going to back to her profile. Why do I even care? I didn’t. So I stopped looking her up. I just had to move on.
It turns out that she has a retroverted uterus, it tilts back towards the spine rather than forwards.

When will it end?

If I’m being honest with myself, I don’t think it will. I will always be a mum that judges other mums. But I’m not going to say anything, because what you do with your child is absolutely not my business. And even though I think I’m a super mum, I will still judge myself more harshly than anyone else.

Judging you judging me


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