How I Spend Lunch Breaks
Although I only get half an hour, I try to spend my lunch breaks being as productive as possible. I can take my lunch break from between noon and 2pm. And I usually take it earlier rather than later. To make my time as productive as possible I often read. Whether it’s reading a book, crocheting or researching online.
Books don’t take up too much room in my bag. Plus, I have set myself a pretty steep goal of reading 100 books this year. Spoiler alert! I am only 16 books away from completing the challenge! It still counts if I’m reading mostly Goosebump books, right?

Today though, I took a break from reading and am crocheting a pair of brown Snuggle Baby Boots. I finished one boot last night and I am keen to have the other one finished before I go to bed tonight. Sometimes I wish I could be bothered crocheting these in a larger size for myself. They are just so cute!
If I’m not reading or crocheting, I’m reading finance articles on my favourite personal finance blogs or trying to find other ways to get ahead in life. There is also the odd occasion where I waste my lunch break completely by getting lost scrolling through Pinterest.

How do you spend your lunch breaks?


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