As I make crochet bunnies for the babies when I am invited to a baby shower, I decided I should also make something for the mum to be. In this heat pack tutorial, I show you step by step how to make one for yourself.

The design is essentially a small scale pillowcase.


sewing machine
embroidery thread
sewing needle

Inner Bag: Cut the inner bag in the colour you wish (2 pieces of 16cm x 24cm). Sew around the edges leaving a few inches open to add the wheat.
I added some lavender essential oil to the wheat & had it in a glass jar (I figured plastic might absorb the lavender). I used 12 quarter cup measures to fill the bag. Machine or hand sew the edge closed.
Front: I used three different colours for the front. Fabric measurements left to right:
Leaves: 16cm x 8cm
Orange: 16cm x 6cm
Green: 16cm x 16cm
Back: 16cm x 23cm
Embroid a name if you like. I wrote the name last letter first so I would know how much room I would need at the end. Start 2cm up from the bottom & about 3cm from the right.
Attach the peices vertically to eachother.

Hem the left side (end) piece, as this will be on the outside of the bag.
Machine sew down both sides. This is what it will look like inside out.
Another inside out view.
You can make the pieces as large as you like. I like the pillowcase style flap on the open end.

If you have any trouble sewing it together, just pull out a pillowcase to see how its sewn.
Please let me know if something could be explained better, this is my first tutorial.
I also made this one for a friend using the above template, the elephant ear is actually a flap!


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